How to Use Adobe Lightroom Presets to Make INSTA-WORTH Photos

Have you seen those feeds on the ‘gram, where it looks like every picture is professionally taken? The white in every picture is bright and airy, and every color matches? What if I told you, your instagram page could rival that feed you’ve been drooling over with just one click. Stay tuned that

Using Lightroom to Create an Insta-Worthy feed

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How to Use Adobe Lightroom MOBILE Presets for INSTA-WORTH pics!

EVERY PHOTO IS INSTAGRAM WORTHY, especially when you use Lightroom Mobile Presets! I want to teach you how to use Adobe Lightroom Mobile Presets so you can h…

Not only is the insta feed of your dreams obtainable, how excited are you going to be when I tell you you only need three things to do it.  Yep. You heard right -THREE.

First things first. A preset is a pre-set (no pun intended) grouping of edits that will happen to a photo with one click of a button. And while a preset doesn’t make everything perfect, it gives you a nice starting point for adjustments  

The three items you’ll need for a pretty and cohesive feed:

  1. Your Phone / Pictures to edit
  2. The Adobe Lightroom CC App
  3. Presets for Lightroom

The Adobe Lightroom CC App is available in the app store and is a quick and easy download. Now. CC stands “Creative Cloud” – and while Adobe offers a Creative Cloud bundle, you don’t have to buy the bundle for the app to work. While the functions are limited, as long as you have the app and some presets – you’re still good to go!

  • Once you download your preset, it will come in a .dng file. Save that file to your camera roll (PS – It will NOT show up in your camera roll – but don’t worry, it’s still there).
  • Open your Lightroom CC App
  • Navigate to your folders.
    • SIDE NOTE: I highly recommend created a folder specifically for presets to keep everything where it’s easily accessed.
  • Once your in the folder you want to save your preset in, hit the plus sign at the bottom and add the .dng file
  • Then, go to the three dots at the top, click add preset, and then name it.

Once all that is done, simply go find the photo you want, find the preset you want and adjust as needed. When everything with your photo is where you want it, simply hit the checkmark that you’re done and export the photo to your camera roll. I always use the highest resolution available to ensure the highest quality for instagram.

Even though it may seem like this is a lot, once you get started you’ll see that it’s super easy. There are SO MANY options for presets, you can buy them or there’s tons of free one’s available to create YOUR insta-worthy feed!

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