2021 LinkedIn Resolutions

Diets, morning routines, and exercise programs, oh my. Resolutions are having their annual moment. New year, new me. Why not commit to a resolution that could change the trajectory of your career like these 2021 LinkedIn resolutions?

2021 LinkedIn Resolutions

My 2021 LinkedIn Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I’m committing to start 2021 right. Jessica S. Recently posted about not picking a theme word for 2021 and I resonate with that. There are norms in the entrepreneurial culture that tell us how we “should” and “should not” approach the new year. 

If you’re already ready to throw in the towel with your resolutions on week one, don’t get discouraged. 

Habits are important to any successful business, and resolutions are simply a glorified way to reevaluate our habits and establish new ones.

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Overwhelmingly, research shows that small, incremental changes are the most lasting and have the highest impact on our lives, as well as our businesses.

For the past few months, I’ve shared with you my thoughts about LinkedIn as both a Human Resources professional and a long-time LinkedIn user. I hope you’ve found the articles helpful towards your journey of building your network and a successful career.

I want to make sure we are clear on one thing – I am definitely not perfect when it comes to LinkedIn. There are certainly ways that I can improve on the platform. In the spirit of continuous improvement, I’d like to share some continuous improvement goals that I have for myself  – my 2021 resolutions when it comes to LinkedIn. 

Here are my 2021 LinkedIn Resolutions that I’m committing to for the new year!

Regularly scheduled time to interact on the platform. 

I’ve admitted it in past articles – I’m guilty of scheduling and ghosting. By doing that, I’m missing out on the powerful 1-1 interactions and organic connection that the platform allows. This year, I’m putting time on my calendar each week to dive into LinkedIn. 

Whether you make it a weekly or daily habit, ensure that you are putting time into your calendar to log in to LinkedIn to browse, comment and interact. 

Join one new group a week. 

I’ve already accomplished this one by joining a professional development LinkedIn group that I’m part of in real life. 

Why are groups so critical to your network? It is where you find like minded people that have similar goals and interests to you. This is a prime place to build relationships with people that you may only find through LinkedIn. 

2021 LinkedIn Resolutions

Take time each month to “clean house”

Once a month, do a personal audit of your profile. Is there anything that needs to be added or taken away? Prune your groups and connections – are there any that no longer make sense? Remember, I mentioned in a previous post that if your connections or group list gets too large, it becomes more than you can feasibly interact with or manage. Take the time each month to prune.

Get intentional about including a call to action. 

LinkedIn is refreshing because it is not overly salesy. BUT that’s no excuse to forget your call to action. If you have a service or offer that would serve your LinkedIn network, are you inviting them into the discussion? Even if your ideal customer is not on LinkedIn, your connections may know someone who could benefit from your offer.

I’ve committed to building my LinkedIn presence in 2021 with these simple resolutions.  Do you have any resolutions that are tied to LinkedIn? Are there any ways that the platform can help you achieve your goals?

If you do have goals related to LinkedIn, I invite you to join my FREE LinkedIn Launch Challenge. You’ll get tangible tools to optimize your profile and get the most of the platform.

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