How to Pitch and Land Brand Deals As A Small Influencer

If you’ve been curious about how to pitch yourself to brands and land brand deals as a small influencer in 2021, you’ve hit the jackpot! 

There are three different strategies when it comes to landing collaborations: pitching, catching, and baiting. 

In this post, we’re going to focus on pitching and you will learn what strategies work, and which ones totally don’t!

Now, don’t worry! If you feel like you’re not ready to pitch yet or you aren’t sure where to start, here is a free training for anyone who is just getting started!

How to Pitch and Land Brand Deals As A Small Influencer

How to pitch and land brand deals as a small influencer

NOW! Let’s get something straight… 

If you are here and you are thinking to yourself:

  • “I don't have enough followers to work with brands yet.”
  • “I don’t think brands would want to work with lil ol’ me.”
  • “I don't have the skills it takes to pitch to brands.”

Write those thoughts down on a piece of paper and set it to flames. THOSE ARE COMPLETE LIES. Your voice matters. Your art matters. Your perspective is a perspective that no one else has. Embrace it. Own it. Flaunt it. Your goal with pitching should always come from a “service” mindset.

THAT is how you pitch and land brand deals as a small influencer.

Collaborations are not for selfish gain, but for mutual growth.

When crafting your pitch here are a few strategies that you should keep in mind.


  • Leverage your strengths.
    Your follower number ISN’T everything! Brands are looking for Influencers of ALL platform sizes.

I’ve helped influencers with under 500 followers on Instagram land collaborations (both gifted and paid). IT IS POSSIBLE.

  • Start with local businesses/brands or “shelf” brands.
    Instead of starting with the “Big Dogs” like Target and Starbucks, start with businesses in your neighborhood. Or think about what items those big stores sell at their stores, aka “shelf brands.”
  • Send your pitches during normal business hours
    I like to use a program called “Google Streak” to schedule my pitches. Most of my down time is on the weekend, so I would batch pitch a bunch of emails and schedule them to send Monday or Tuesday morning.
  • Pitch to brands that make sense with your brand
    If you’re a food blogger, partnering with GymShark for their athletic clothing wouldn’t be a successful partnership. Even if you LOVE GymShark, remember the collab is to SERVE the brand. As a food blogger, your audience probably won’t be interested in athletic wear.

How to pitch and land brand deals as a small influencer


  • Avoid “template” pitching

    I’m not saying “don’t use templates,” because templates are AMAZING and time savers. I’m saying, if you’re going to use templates, make sure you customize EACH pitch so that it feels personal to the brand. They will ignore most generic emails.

  • Avoid pitching through Instagram

    Pitching via email is the best way to send a pitch. If you can’t find an email to contact them, shoot them a DM on Instagram asking what email you can use to get in touch with someone in charge of partnerships!

  • Avoid writing a novel

    You don’t need to write a novel. Briefly introduce yourself, your strengths, explain why you love them and any idea you have for a partnership! Brands get dozens of emails a day so you’re doing them a favor by keeping your email short and sweet.

I know it can be scary pressing that ‘send’ button for the first time, so here are my free pitching templates that I used to land my first couple dozen brand deals and still use to this day!

Happy pitching!

Grab Millie's free pitching templates right here!

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