Why you should start a YouTube channel as a blogger

If you’ve ever considered starting a YouTube channel, this is your sign to do it. While I am partially biased being a YouTuber myself, I can give you 5 reasons why you should start a YouTube channel if you’re a blogger or Influencer. 

Why you should start a YouTube channel as a blogger

Why you should start a YouTube channel as a blogger

First let me address the biggest fear or misconception you might have when it comes to starting a channel.


Video content is only getting more and more popular. You have thousands of creators you get to learn from so that you can start NOW and still see the success you’ve dreamed of.

Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons to start a YouTube channel as a blogger:

1. Improves your SEO

YouTube is owned by Google. And they are the top 2 search engines on the interweb! You can create dominance with your SEO strategy when you’re posting searchable blogs AND searchable videos.

2. You already have the content strategy

If you’re a blogger, you probably have already done research on how to rank in search engines and how to pick blog topics to post. YouTube isn’t much different. You just have the extra step of filming!

3. YouTube videos are another form of ‘macro-content’

I love using YouTube videos and blog posts as my ‘macro-content’. Macro-Content is long form content that can be broken up into smaller pieces to repurpose onto other platforms to save you time.

Let’s follow a path of a YouTube video being a form of macro content

Why you should start a YouTube channel as a blogger

You can follow a similar flow if you’re writing blog posts. Turn that blog into a script for a YouTube video!

4. Establish your authority and grow your audience

In addition to establishing authority through SEO, you will reach a different and new audience on YouTube. 

Believe it or not, Instagram users like to stick to Instagram. Pinterest users like to stick to Pinterest. So when you repurpose your blogs into videos, you are tapping into an audience you wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

Why you should start a YouTube channel as a blogger

5. Another stream of income

Last but not least, let’s talk about money. YouTube is one of the only social media platforms that pays its creators for posting content. And reaching that monetization threshold isn’t unrealistic. All you need is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours.

In addition to YouTube monetization, if you are growing your affiliate income stream, you can place your links in the description of each video. Since YouTube videos have a longer shelf-life than Instagram content, creating a passive income with those links becomes much easier!

If you have always had that thought in the back of your head, wishing to be a YouTuber, now is your time.

Watch this video on how to start and grow your YouTube channel from scratch.

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