What’s Working on YouTube in 2023

In a world where everything is constantly evolving, YouTube stands as a platform that has remained relatively consistent over the years. While other platforms and technologies have undergone significant transformations, YouTube has managed to maintain its core features and functionalities. However, it's important to note that while the platform itself may not have changed drastically, the behavior of YouTube users has certainly evolved. As technology advances and user preferences shift, the way people interact with YouTube and consume content on the platform has undergone notable changes. So, let’s talk about what’s working on YouTube in 2023! 


Okay, we can’t not talk about shorts. The integration and addition of shorts is something that is very new on YouTube. Thankfully though, on YouTube, shorts are very optional and not required for you to grow! You should also be aware that shorts attract people looking for short-form content. So, if you’re trying to make long-form content they won’t help you much. The bottom line is, don’t go out of your way to take extra time for making shorts because it’s probably not going to make that big of a difference. 

Real-Personal Content & Less Produced-Less Talking Head

Ready to get personal? Well, you should be! Because that’s what’s working on YouTube right now. Produced-businessey channels aren’t working as well as they used to. Your videos no longer need to be straight to the point informational videos. Instead, try to incorporate some vlog or behind the scenes content. Aim for a more laid back vibe and show more of your personality to your audience! 

Hip Hop Celebrity GIF by WE Tv

Great Titles & Thumbnails Are Working on YouTube in 2023

Let’s talk about the MOST important thing. Like, if you’re going to pick one thing off this list to focus on, make it this. You NEED to have a great title and thumbnail. Your title and thumbnail need to work together to get people to click on your video! Thumbnails should not reiterate your title, because they are never going to be seen separately. So, for example, if your title is search heavy then your thumbnail should be more personal.

YAY! Now you have all the info about what’s working on YouTube in 2023. While working on these things, you should also keep in mind who you’re talking to and what they care about. With all of these things combined your channel should be up to date for 2023!

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