Video Editing Softwares

If you are looking to edit your videos yourself, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of complicated options out there. But, today I am going to give you two EASY options you can use to get started today!


Video Editing Software

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Video Editing Software to Make Editing CRAZY EASY!

Are you tired of trying to learn new, hard-to-use software? Today's video will help you figure out the video editing software that will make your life so muc…

Get two easy options you can use to get started editing your videos today right here::

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If you are looking for something easy and cheap to start editing your videos with, I’ve got you covered right here.

Option #1: iMovie

This was my favorite for a very long time, definitely one of my favorites!

  • For Mac users
    • Has an option to use and edit videos on your phone
      • Be sure to check out my video on how to edit using iMovie!

Option#2: Filmora

  • For Mac or a PC
    • Just as much ease to use as iMovie, but with a few more features!
    • Relatively cheap to purchase

There are my two quick, easy and cheap options to get you started editing your own videos. Go edit your heart away! Be sure to let me know what you love to use!


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