Using Yoast to Boost SEO

Aaaaannnndddd we're back! Round 3 of Get on the First Page of Google is here and you can bet your bottom dollar that this one is a good one.

Now, I will say that this post is only going to be relevant to WordPress users because Yoast SEO is only available for WordPressers but, stick around even if that's not you because you might want to switch to WP one day and you'll be all covered.

So, without further ado – let's talk about using Yoast to boost SEO.

using Yoast to boost SEO

Oh boy, strap in guys, this one is awesome.

Let me just tell ya what all Yoast does just to make it more clear:

  • Helps you “scatter” your keyword in the right areas to really get Google to take notice.
  • Helps you gauge the “strength” of keywords.
  • Helps you set-up images to display on Facebook when your link is shared, etc.

Now that that's cleared up, imma just gonna tell you how to actually use it to really boost yo' seo.

First, I have to say that I have several posts on the first page of Google for their keywords WHOLEY because of Yoast, seriously, I'm obsessed with it. In April of 2016, I wrote this post, scheduled it, fine-tuned the Yoast settings to get a “green” light and then left and went to NYC on vacation for 2 days – completely ignoring any other promotion of the post – and, even with that considered, this post was on page 1 of Google within 5 days of being published.

So, the basics go a little something like this:

  • Choose your keywords.
  • Put them into Yoast and follow the “red, yellow, green light system” to get as many green lights as possible.
  • Let Yoast do it's thing.

using Yoast to boost SEO using Yoast to boost SEO

Some things you probably need to know:

  • Every light does not need to be green – that's actually nearly impossible, but you do want an OVERALL green light.
  • Each “light” is fairly self-explanatory so don't stress over them.


an example – all lights are not green but the overall light is green (below).

using Yoast to boost SEO

Now, all you have to do is install Yoast SEO from within your WordPress Dashboard (or by clicking the link to download straight from the plugin developer's site).

Just for the record, if you need more help and want to go way more in-depth on how to make this system work for you – you should check out the Yoast Mastery eCourse…it's crazy cheap and crazy useful.

Remember, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series and Part 4 is coming soon.

Oh and check out the video version of this post below.

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