How to Sync Trello Tasks to Google Calendar

Trello to Google Calendar

Do you have your super-smart-super-simple-ready-to-be-amazed pants on today?

Well, good, ‘cause I’m about to blow.your.mind.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hm, I would really like to be able to see all of my Trello tasks on my Google Calendar”?

Well…that’s what I’m teaching you today:

How to Sync Trello Tasks to Google Calendar.

This might be one of the easiest tutorials I’ve ever posted but it’s SO fun.

First things first, you have to add EACH BOARD’s tasks to your Google Calendar separately so if you want to create a master board and use Butler for Trello to add all of your tasks to that before you do this step, go right ahead and do that. Otherwise, it’s kind of nice to have each Trello board sync up as a different color in your Google Cal…so that’s totally up to you and how you’re using it!

Now, head into the board in Trello that you want to sync to your Google cal and enable the “Calendar” power up.

Then, click the “cog wheel” next to the power up’s “disable/enable” button.

Right-click that link inside the “your personal iCalendar feed” box and copy it.

Now, head into Google Calendar and scroll down to “other calendars” and hit to little arrow and select the option to “add by URL”.

Now, you’ve probably guessed what happens next:

Insert the URL you copied from Trello’s calendar power up into this URL field.

Trello to Google calendar

From there, you can assign a color to the calendar feed and toggle on and off so you can choose when you do and when you don’t see it.

HOW EASY is that?!

I know, it’s amazing.

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