Marketing Lessons from Infomercials

Marketing Lessons from Infomercials

“Look Momma, that man taped that boat back together, that’s some really strong tape. We NEED that tape!!!”

If you’re the seller of “that tape”, you know you’ve done your job right in marketing that ish when 7-year-olds are saying this to their mommas.

BTW, this is a true statement, out of the mouth of my 7-year-old about Flex Tape every.single.time he sees the infomercial.

So, what can we learn about marketing from these infomercials? I’m here to tell ya!

  1. Solve a problem.

    This one seems easy when I say it out-loud but your product or service (or whatever) HAS to solve a problem for someone, somewhere. In the infomercial that I reference in the video, they’re selling a super strong tape. You NEVER KNOW when you might need to tape something underwater, right?!? They’re solving a problem that people already have, or, anticipate having in some way. Do this in your business.

  2. Be enthusiastic.

    GUYS! Have you ever heard an infomercial sales person be all monotone to try and sell you something? NOPE. They’re excited and hyped up about what they’re selling and it makes YOU feel excited about it too. This is how you need to make your audience feel. Be excited, be happy and over-the-top even because that energy ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE will rub off on your audience.

  3. Give an easy way to purchase.

    Sometimes we make it too hard. “Sure, you can purchase, but you have to jump through this hoop and then this one and then you have to stand on your head and count to 23”. Make it easy on people and TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. Seriously, I know that sounds crazy but people need to be told what to do.

    On an infomercial that sounds like, “Go ahead, call right now, [insert phone number] we’re waiting to place your order!”. But, for you, telling them “Hit the button now to add this to your cart” and then making that cart checkout process EASY will always be beneficial.

  4. Upsell.

    “If you buy today, you get TWO [cool product here]s for the price of one!”

    If you can get someone to buy more than one thing from you (even if you package it in a way where the 2nd thing is free like in infomercials), you are WAY more likely to be able to sell to them again in the future.

    An upsell can be, “I’m so glad you grabbed [x], if you also add [y] to your cart in the next 12 minutes you can get it for 300% off.”

    So, upsell.

That’s it guys, it’s really that easy and this may be one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written, just sayin’.

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