How to Sell More | The Know, Like & Trust Factor

Have you ever heard of the know, like and trust factor? This is the basis of marketing, essentially. I want to show you how to use it to make more sales!

How to Sell More: The Know, Like and Trust Factor


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How to Make More Sales | The KNOW, LIKE, TRUST FACTOR

This is a BIG deal for any business owner – how in the world do you make more sales?! Well, I'm giving you THE secret, THE way that you make more sales for y…


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How to Sell More: The Know, Like and Trust Factor

This is key to getting more sales and getting more money, and marketing yourself in a way that actually works.

  • A little bit of backstory:
    • I have a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and a minor in marketing, and I just LOVE studying this type of thing. I have thought through strategies using this for YEARS! I didn't really know the “know, like and trust” part until I became an entrepreneur.
  • Know, Like + Trust Factor = The process someone has to go through to buy from you.
    • They have to know you, like you and trust you before they will spend money with you.
  • There are several ways to get someone to go through this process:
    • Voice
    • Written word
    • Video
      • The quickest way! Someone can get to know, like and trust you in ONE video and buy from you!
  • DON’T sell in the “know” or “like” phase, sell after the “trust” phase
    • If you try to sell to someone too early, you won’t make any. They have to go through this process.
    • Content marketing is the PERFECT way to get to do that!
      • They get to know you, like and trust you, and later when you do pitch, they will likely buy.


That is how you make more sales with this know, like and trust factor in marketing. You take them through this process first, then hit them with “buy now!”


If you are stumped with this in your business at all, hit me up in the comments! I’d love to help you through this.  Let me know!

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