The Reasons Your Channel is Not Growing

Let’s talk about reasons why your channel isn’t growing. I know it’s not a comfortable subject….but I see channels every day that have such potential to be amazing. Yet they’re just not growing (and often the owner or creator just doesn’t know why!) So today I’m giving you five reasons why your channel isn’t growing. Stay tuned!

Reasons Your Channel Isn’t Growing

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The Reasons Your Channel is NOT Growing

You have a channel here on YouTube but it's not growing and you're looking around, at er'body else's channel wondering why YOURS isn't growing but their is; today we're going to chat about the REASONS your channel is not growing and how to fix them! Be sure to subscribe for more awesomeness!

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I see dozens of channels every day that have potential to absolutely KILL it for their business, but they just aren’t growing. There are many reasons behind this. So today I’m getting it down to five reasons why your YouTube channel isn’t growing at the rate you or I think it should be, and you can figure out why (and fix it!)

  • Not Consistent
      • Consistency breeds legitimacy! And on YouTube it’s even more important.
        • YouTube rewards consistency.
        • Viewers and your audience won’t see you as legitimate as someone who is consistent.
  • No Collaborations
    • You need to collaborating!
      • There’s no such thing as competition.
      • A viewer is going to resonate with someone more than others.
      • Your channel shows up on someone else, and theirs can show up on yours.
        • A GREAT way to grow your audience for both channels!
      • Can be done in a variety of ways:
        • Each give a number of tips to do something
        • Be a guest on someone’s channel
        • Record an intro and outro for someone’s video clip
  • Not Optimizing YouTube
    • Utilize tags, keywords, subscriptions, thumbnails, descriptions, channel art to make people subscribe and want to watch.
      • If you aren’t doing these things, you probably aren’t growing because of it.
  • Bad Quality
    • This can mean a lot of things:
      • Bad lighting, bouncy/shaky recording, using a not-so-good video camera
        • Poor sound quality
          • Some of my videos where viewers have commented on the sound may have ranked higher with consistent good sound quality.
      • Bad quality camera presence
        • Everybody can be a YouTuber.
          • Everyone can create an online presence on camera, in this space that will allow the audience to get to know them and buy from them.
          • It can take a while to find your footing and gain confidence on camera.
          • Bring personality, and exaggerate it!
            • That doesn’t mean you have to be all crazy on camera, you can still be quiet and soft spoken.
          • DON’T sound robotic by reading off of a script.
          • DON’T sound borning by coming across as scared and not changing the tone in your voice.
    • Practice makes perfect!
      • Get some feedback from a friend or family member and ask them to watch one of your videos.
  • You Haven’t Started!
    • Everybody starts at zero!
    • Get your channel started so it can begin to grow.

Here are my five reasons why your YouTube channel may not be growing as quickly. Which ones helped you the most? I’d love to know! I’ll be hanging out in the comments, to be sure to let me know!

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