Lead Generation Strategies

You’ve probably heard it 1,000 times… the money’s in the list! The money’s in the list! The money is in your email list! Right?!? Well, today I’m going to give you some of my proven ways to generate leads for your business that actually work on auto-pilot for you!

Lead Generation Strategies

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Lead Generation Strategies to GROW THAT EMAIL LIST!

Sometimes it can be hard to think of ALL THE THINGS you need to go to grow your email list but these lead generation strategies are my trusty ways to grow an email list like WOAH! Be sure to subscribe for more awesomeness! https://www.youtube.com/jessicastansberry?sub_confirmation=1 The equipment I used to film this video: http://jessicastansberry.com/my-favorite-things Oh and follow me!

Ready to learn how to generate more leads? I’ve got what you need to know right here!:

I've talked a TON in the past on how to get more subscribers, grow your email list, get more leads, whatever you need in your business. Today I’m going to give you my strategies that you can use to generate more leads and talk you through how that happens.  

First and foremost, if you don’t know why you need leads, you are missin’ out honey!

Leads are the biggest way to grow your business. They are the catalyst to being able to make the income you want and being able to be as visible as you want to be. Every time you get a new person on your email list, that is potentially a new person you could sell to.

Now I’m going to give you three different lead generation strategies that can run on auto-pilot.

  • Blog
  • YouTube
  • Podcast

The catalyst behind all of these is having good SEO and good optimization. On all three platforms, you are putting out consistent basis, you are optimizing it so people are actually finding it, and it is living on and on forever.

What happens is you put out a video today, and a year from now someone finds it and still becomes a lead in your business. The same can be said for a podcast episode and a blog post. These are three amazing and massive ways to get leads in your business without even trying.

You are putting out the content (that’s the work part of this), and a potential lead finds it and gets on your list, because you did the work in the beginning without having to work for every single lead.

You want to make sure you have a clear call to action on your blog post, YouTube video and Podcast episode. Make sure that a lead has a way to get on your email list.

  • With a blog post and podcast episode, you can literally post a link to get on your email list in the text. It’s a bit different with a YouTube video.
  • YouTube does not want you send people off of the platform. If you are constantly doing that, YouTube may not “favor” your channel (which we definitely don’t want!)

There is a way around this: ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel on every video.

  • As you get more subscribers to your channel, your channel grows. With channel growth, you get more leads, which gives your more authority and visibility.

Ask viewers to subscribe to your email list on about 10% of your videos.

  • You can also invite viewers to sign up for your email list in your channel header, in the about section of your channel page, and pretty much anywhere in your channel. However, you only want verbally say to go off of YouTube and sign up for your email list in about 10% of your videos.

Blogging, YouTube and podcasting are all ways to generate leads without working for each one. Plus, if your video is featured on YouTube’s homepage, Apple picks up an episode of your podcast or your blog post gets picked up by a bigger blogger can lead to MASSIVE lead generation! But this only happens if you are optimizing correctly and have a way for them to actually subscribe to your email list.

What are you currently doing in your business? Blogging? Podcasting? YouTubing? Be sure to let me know and leave me any questions you have. I want to make sure they are answered!

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