How a podcast can help grow your business


Podcasting can seem like the cool thing to do. You have a sweet idea for a show and it sounds like fun, but you aren’t sure how a podcast strategy will help your business…

That’s what I’m here to show you, lovely lady! Let me properly introduce myself, I am Jessica, the co-host of All Up in Your Lady Business Podcast. Want to see what a podcast really does for business? Scroll down!

In the All Up in Your Lady Business Podcast, I team up with Jaclyn Mellone, but the interesting part is, that we don’t run a business together. We each have our own gigs and do the podcast together as a separate entity.

Essentially, the podcast is not a direct extension of my business, but it still helps my business grow so so so much in income, social proof, followers, and more.

Here’s exactly what a podcast strategy can do for your business:


If you’re just getting started in this entrepreneurial world, the podcast scene is often a first step. If you have a podcast, someone could find your show and get to know all the wonderful things about you and your business!

You’re gaining exposure because those people wouldn’t have found you otherwise.

Also, once you have a podcast, you get to be a podcast guest and interview pretty incredible people. It not only increases your exposure to potential customers, but also to experts in your field.


Obviously, this is a thing or nobody would be doing it. A podcast strategy can help you increase your income in a numbers of ways. My top two ways are by directing people to your site or by making money from the podcast itself.

It takes time for your podcast to make money on it’s own and this is speaking from experience. You have to have several thousand listeners to approach a sponsor, but there are other affiliates and people who you could go to sooner.

You can also use your ad space to direct people to YOUR business. Not only are they getting this great nugget of information, but they’re also led to do something else with your help.


Each week you could have a download with your episodes so it’s almost like a content upgrade with a blog. Or you could promote one standard freebie.
Either way, you’re taking the people who listen to your podcast and converting them into email list subscribers. Because everybody loves free stuff!
And as you know, growing your email list will also grow your business.


Every podcast has to be housed within a blog post somewhere. By default, you’re putting more content out on your site that puts your business even more in front of Google, which hello, we all know is really good for SEO.

Then, if you’re really good at keywords, you can increase it even more. You can get those keywords out on your podcast, blog, Youtube, whatever!

If you’ve been thinking about a podcast strategy, it’s definitely a good decision if you’ve got the time and passion to put into it. Put those headphones on and get to work, girlfriend!

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