How to Use Facebook Groups to Find Clients

Facebook can be a huge time suck. Your ideal client won't drop into your newsfeed! You'll need to show up in their Facebook groups and start engaging. Here's how to use Facebook groups to find clients and put that Facebook time to good use!

How to Use Facebook Groups to Find Clients

How to use Facebook groups to find clients

You have the perfect product or service but there’s just one thing missing – clients. Using Facebook groups to find and learn about your clients is an effective strategy. Not only will you meet and create relationships with your ideal clients, you’ll also be able to develop new products or service offers based on what you learn from them about their needs. Here are 5 steps to finding clients using Facebook groups.

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5 Steps to finding clients with Facebook groups

Step 1: Search and Research

There are over 10 million Facebook groups as of Fall 2020 due, in part, to the increased focus Facebook has put on conversations among users. Businesses, brands, and hobby enthusiasts have created virtual hangout areas on the platform. It seems that everyone has a place to gather with like-minded colleagues and friends!

While this can be overwhelming to think about, it is also great news for you as an entrepreneur. You should search for Facebook groups that answer the question, “Where would my ideal client want to hang out?” Make a list!

Once you’ve made a good list, you’ll want to check some information before joining all of these groups.

First, how many people are in the group? You’ll want it big enough to give you an adequate client sample, but not so big that your comments get swallowed in the abyss.

Second, you should look at who’s running the group and how they’re running it. What are their guidelines? Did the owner of the group create it for a clear purpose? Is it someone who is offering a very similar product or service as the one you are offering?

Answering these questions will help you choose which groups to invest in.

Step 2: Join relevant groups

Now that you have your list, choose a few groups to join that will allow you to offer the most value to its members.  Remember, ultimately, this is about introducing yourself to potential clients and building trust by sharing your knowledge with them. Zero in on groups that let you do exactly that!

How to use Facebook Groups to find Clients

Step 3: Add value

I know it will be tempting to hop right into a group and start blowing up the comments. While you do want to start engaging with group members in the comments, you want to give off the “we’re in this together” vibe and not the “used car salesman” vibe.

I know you genuinely care about people – that’s why you started your business in the first place! Just let that shine through in your interactions and you’ll do great. Share your wisdom to help others learn, grow, and benefit from your expertise.

Step 4: Create content

This step is very similar to the last one but goes one step further. Once you’ve gotten to know these potential clients and you’re sure they are great candidates for your product or service, how do you get them to become clients? You’ll need to create content specifically for them! Write blog posts, film YouTube videos, and record podcasts that speak directly to their needs. This is your opportunity to generate leads, gather email addresses, and reach them with more of your excellent content! People will already trust you from your past interactions and they’ll enjoy what you create!

Step 5: Start a group? 

This step is optional. You do not need to create a Facebook group unless you know it’s the right thing to do. To figure that out, you should read this blog post: Should I Have a Facebook Group?

That said, Facebook groups can be a great way to build your client base, regardless of where someone is on the buyer’s journey. You can create a short-term group for a mini-course or challenge-based lead magnet. To serve your existing clients and build your tribe, you could create a membership-based Facebook group. The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities!

Remember, you got into your business to make a difference in the lives of others. To do that, you’ve got to create trust and build relationships with those you are trying to reach. With 2.6 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a great place to start. Have an experimental mindset about this process, use it to learn more about your potential clients, and evaluate how it impacts your business before deciding if this strategy works for you.

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