Should I Have A Facebook Group?

Facebook groups for entrepreneurs are all the rage these days because they provide an opportunity for business leaders to engage with their customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. You may be thinking – should I have a Facebook group? The answer is, well, it depends.

Should I Have a Facebook Group?

Should I have a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups can be a powerful way to create awareness about your business or product, move potential customers from consideration to decision in their buyer’s journey by providing education and value, and continue to support your customers once they are part of your tribe. However, before creating a Facebook group for your business, here are 5 questions to consider.

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5 Questions to answer before you start a Facebook Group

Question 1: What is the purpose of your group? 

Decide your purpose for the group BEFORE creating it. Your group can be a short-term group where you host a challenge or a permanent group that serves to provide on-going value or support to your community. Content and time commitment will be dependent on what your purpose is, so it is important to know this first.

Question 2: How will it serve your audience?

Now that you have your purpose, you need to make sure that your group will provide a specific value for your audience. Short-term groups that are offering a challenge, course, or window of access, have a clear value. With long-term groups, however, you want to have a strategic plan for adding value to your group members on a consistent basis.

Question 3: Do you have a content plan?

Your group content needs to be focused on creating a conversation with and among your group members. Live Q&A sessions and posts that ask for responses are great ways to get people commenting. You can even use your posts to find out more about your customers which can guide your future content creation.

Should I Have A Facebook Group?

Question 4: Will this group help you make money?

Regardless of your purpose for the group, the ultimate endgame is generating revenue. Time is money and if you are going to invest your time in making a successful group, it needs to give you a return on your investment. Think about what product or service you can share with this group. Make sure you have a plan to capture their email address if you haven’t already so that you can continue to nurture them.

Now, to be clear, sometimes your time investment in your customer isn’t about selling them a new product, it’s about delighting them, creating your tribe, and building a group of raving fans that can turn into ambassadors for your brand. Just make sure you decide from the outset about your group’s purpose.

Question 5: Do you have time for this group?

This may be the most important thing to consider before starting your group. As a busy woman trying to start and grow your business, you already have a lot on your plate. Do you have room for something else? Facebook groups can be a very powerful tool to grow your business, build your email list, and provide value to your audience, but only if you have time to commit to being involved (or have a team that can help you with engagement and moderation). Starting a Facebook group and then not being able to keep it active will be counterproductive and burn you out! Focus on what you do have time for and that will provide you with the most opportunity to grow your business.  Don’t just create a Facebook group because everyone else is doing it!

Still unsure about starting a Facebook group?

That is a lot to consider, I know. So I have a suggestion for you: start a short-term group as part of a lead magnet. Create a challenge around your product or service and use the Facebook group as a space for people to share their daily challenges, wins, and encourage each other. If you find that it is helpful for you and your audience, you can turn that group into a long-term Facebook group. It’s ok to experiment and then use what you learn to make future decisions about your business. Remember, you are in charge!

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