How to use Calendar Blocking to get More Done!

If you’re wondering how in the world you can accomplish everything on your to do list, you need to learn how to use calendar blocking to get more done!

How to use Calendar Blocking to get More Done!

How to use calendar blocking to get more done!

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Calendar blocking, time blocking, time batching – whatever you want to call it, this technique will help you get WAY more done in a day. Here’s how you can make the most of it and fit it easily into your life.

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What really is Calendar Blocking?

Calendar blocking is a simple and straightforward way to make sure you get your work done efficiently and without giving yourself a headache. You put similar tasks together in one big chunk so the transition from task one to task two is way easier.

Tips to Get More Done!

Have a system for set tasks that happen every week

Dedicate certain days to certain tasks. If you know you need to be on calls with clients every week, pick one or two days where ALL you do is talk on the phone. That way, you’re not switching up your tasks every two seconds and having to reset your flow.

Look at your week as you’re planning out your week

Put similar things together! If you know you need to write five blog posts and five emails to go with the Youtube videos you’re posting, batch all of the writing things together. Your brain will already be in writing mode and it’ll come way easier!

Color Code

Color coding is magical. You can visually see when you’re doing different things and it will help you keep everything straight. If you’re using a digital calendar, color coding is simple. If you’re using a paper planner, highlight in different colors or use different colored pens for different types of tasks. You can quickly see when you’ll be switching modes and it’ll be easier to prepare.

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