How to Successfully Launch with a Small Email List

No matter how small, the most powerful and profitable asset you have is your email list. It’s the secret behind any course creator’s successful launch, even if it's teeny tiny. Let’s talk about how to successfully launch with a small email list.

How to Successfully Launch with a Small Email List

How to successfully launch with a small email list

Want to launch your course or offer, but feel like your list just isn’t big enough yet? Let me show you how even a teeny tiny (or non-existent list) doesn’t have to hold you back. 

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The Powerful and Profitable Email List 

Size really doesn't matter. There’s something else that makes that email list profitable and powerful.

We’ve all heard how powerful your email list can be and that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). And we’ve heard online guru’s likeonline guru’s like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Ashlyn Carter (and, yes, Jessica Stansberry) talk about how email marketing has been the #1 profit maker during a launch.

But, why does writing emails feel like such a chore? And, what if your email list just isn’t growing as quickly as you hoped? 

Well, the secret behind profitable email marketing is less about how large your list is and more about how recently someone has joined your list.

Instead of focusing on the size, focus your attention on how to best serve your subscribers the moment they join your email list. You can do this with a welcome sequence or nurture sequence that provides quick wins and helps them get to know (and even fall in love with) your brand.

So, how do you write emails your followers love to open, read, and buy from? 

3 Email Strategies to turn followers into confident buyers 

There are three strategies that you can easily implement in your next launch or promotion that with help your emails connect with and convert your audience.

1. Get to know your ideal client

Voice of Customer research is incredibly helpful! It allows you to meet your ideal client where she is in her own words. Research can also identify your ideal client’s biggest objections to purchasing from you or experiencing that transformation. 

For example, I used Voice of Customer research when I was writing for a client’s launch. That research helped us identify that her ideal client did not want to get on camera because they were worried about who would see it (even the high school boyfriend from 10 years ago). That’s copy gold that guided our email strategy!

2. The Rule of One

Write to one person and with one call to action per email. All your messaging should be clearly guiding your ideal client to take one action (like click the link, listen to the podcast, head to the sales page, or attend the webinar). 

Keeping your messaging clear, to the point, and using research helps your ideal client make a defined yes or no decision with what’s put in front of them. 

3. Tell a story

Have fun with your emails and tell stories. Let your ideal client imagine what life or business would be like after the transformation you provide. Let them see tidbits into your life and brand and what working with you will be like! 

BONUS TIP: Personalize the experience

Go beyond the typical sales email and send a personalized video using Bombbomb or loom. Invite the engaged followers to get on the phone with you about the offer.

How to successfully launch with a small email list

The Secret to Launch Success

The secret to launch success is to keep launching. WIth each launch, your numbers grow, your confidence in pitching increases, and, therefore, your sales will increase. Launching grows your list. Each time you launch, your list of ideal clients grows, and so does your profitability. 

When it comes to sales, marketing experts say it takes seven touches before someone will buy. So, for example, let’s say a follower sees you on Instagram and snags your freebie (touch one), then they join your email list and get a series of emails that build your authority and provide them with quick wins (touches two through four). Next, you invite them to your launch webinar where they see you teaching in action and you provide them with a short sales page. Bam, you’re on your way to a sale!

As your list grows larger, always treat it as though it were small. Get to know your subscribers. Put out content that spoils them and invites them to engage. Use these tips about how to launch successfully with a small email list.

And, most of all, have fun with it! Yes, engage and have fun even during a launch.  

You’re a boss! I can’t wait to hear about your next launch or promotion.

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