How to set-up a link for Gmail users to auto-find your confirmation email(s)


Ready to learn something really fun and really easy? This easy peasy Gmail hack could help you get better open rates on your marketing emails.

What happens is when someone signs up for your content upgrade, opt-in, or whatever, you can use this technique to create a link on your thank you page to take people to their email and auto-search for your email address.

This will come in handy because you can say, ‘Hey! Thank you for signing up for this cool thing. Now you need to click here if you’re a Gmail user to find the confirmation email in your inbox.’

What this makes them do–right then–is find the confirmation email. Instead of waiting for it or happening upon it days later, they find it immediately and seal the confirmation deal.

When they open your email, Gmail will see this and recognize that the user likes your emails, so next time that user gets an email from you, it will end up in their inbox instead of the promotions folder. *Cue the applause*

In that welcome email, you might even put instructions, so they see that once they open your email they should drag it into their inbox and out of promotions so they can get your emails in the future.

This is a huge help in getting in someone’s inbox where they can find you really easily. There’s not a big risk of them just forgetting they signed up and losing your email.

All you need is a special link I’ll show you below!

Here’s the 1-2-3-4 of this Gmail hack that will boost your email open rates:

Step 1. Create a new page on your web platform.

This step works the same regardless of what platform you use. This new page will be your standard landing page for opt-ins and freebies.

Step 2. Add a few things saying thank you for signing up and you should click here to find my email in your box.

I’m going to highlight where they want to click and that it’s just for Gmail users.

Step 3. Highlight and hyperlink the ‘click here’ and paste in this link changing the bold email part to your email:

Remember to change to the email address to the address that your emails come from!

Step 4. Publish the page as normal. When you view it, people will be able to click that link and it will take them to their inbox and auto-search for all emails that are from your domain.

It’s super awesome!

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