How to Craft the Perfect Morning Routine

Crafting a morning routine shouldn’t be stressful! Having a daily, go-to plan as soon as you wake up is the perfect way to relieve your stress.

How to Craft the Perfect Morning Routine

How to craft the perfect morning routine

The benefits of a morning routine are all over the internet, and several themes popped up as I was looking for one of my own. For me, classics like morning yoga and meditation didn’t make the cut. Why? Something so simple that people don’t realize is that crafting a morning routine should be tailored to YOU! What works for one person may not work for someone else.

What’s so great about a morning routine?

We are constantly juggling tasks, projects, and schedules as we desperately try to find some time to make dinner, or, hey, even take a shower. While our schedules have changed a lot this year, there is still a lot to balance, especially for those who are trying to work on their businesses and care for their little ones at the same time!

Morning routines allow you to become more grounded as you juggle the commitments of your life because it gives you stability amongst the chaos. A morning routine is something that allows you to see progress, which in turn, makes you more apt to stick with it and get even more things done. And, best of all, it allows you to make time for what really matters to you!

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Ok, so how do I get one?!

I will admit that when I was looking to craft a morning routine of my own, I wanted something that I could plug and chug into my own life. If a well-known influential entrepreneur was doing a certain set of habits when he or she woke up, I wanted to do the same to ensure I would get the same results. (Narrator: She would soon realize that, in fact, this is not how it works).

In an attempt to craft my own morning routine, I went through a lot of trial and error. I realized which activities, habits, or tasks I actually wanted to do in the morning, what new habits or activities I wanted to add and get better at, and that my schedule was in need of different forms of standardization.

So, what exactly do I mean? There are three things to keep in mind when crafting the perfect morning routine of your own: it’s yours and yours alone, it’s not going to be perfect, and you don’t have to have just one.

How to craft the perfect morning routine

1. It’s yours and yours alone

Don’t be like me and just copy and paste someone else’s morning routine and expect it to fit perfectly into your day! Just because Bill Gates reads 1,000 pages a day does not mean you have to do the same. I’m not saying that this isn’t a great goal to strive for… but you should start with something that you already do well and something that you actually like to do! You'll get a confidence boost from doing things you enjoy and are good at, which will also boost your mood. You'll be able to tackle the rest of your day with energy and positivity! For me, I like to listen to a podcast as I hop in the shower and get ready in the morning. Whether it is educational, a fictional story, or a recap of my favorite trashy TV show, it starts my day off the right way. Pick that one thing that you look forward to doing and do it!

2. It’s not going to be perfect

This should go without saying, but if you’re anything like me, it is worth saying over and over. I am usually really hard on myself and expect things to be perfect on the first go.

Spoiler alert: it definitely won’t be perfect!

Just as I learned, you should expect your morning routine to have some trial and error. If you think you have crafted the perfect morning routine and it turns out you actually hate reading emails first thing in the morning, don’t force it! Just make some changes. There is no “morning routine boss” out there who is going to reprimand you. Once you figure out what works for you, the chances of the routine actually sticking will exponentially increase! Be the scientist of your own day and experiment as much as you need to and you will yield the desired result in no time.

3. You don’t have to have just one

I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions about having a morning routine. I used to work from home three days per week and went into the office the other two days. Those two different types of days had two completely different schedules. So, why would I force myself to have the same morning routine? Tailor your routine to the types of days that you have. Maybe each day is completely different for you and that’s totally okay! If you fall under the “multiple routines” category, the most helpful thing that you can do is actually document these routines somewhere so that you can always refer back and make changes easily when you need to!

If you have a list of tasks that you wish you could get to if you had the time, or even some goals that you want to consistently make progress on but can’t seem to find a free minute, you are definitely not alone. Using these tips to craft a morning routine will allow you to start the day off just how YOU want it to start, while also ensuring that you will actually stick with it! Now, go get ‘em.

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