How To Be an Influencer | A Complete Guide

If you want to learn all the things about how to be an influencer, check out these tips and tricks to make your career as an influencer take off!

How To Be an Influencer | A Complete Guide

How To Be an Influencer | A Complete Guide

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How To Be an Influencer | A Complete Guide

If you're wondering how to be an influencer, you've seen all the rage about being an influencer and you're ready to get started, this video is for you.Grab t…

If you want to start your career as an influencer but you aren’t sure how to reach out to brands or grow your following, this is for you!

If you’re ready to start your influencer career, check out this in-depth Influencer Marketing Guide I created to help you get started. Download it for free below to learn all the tips and tricks.

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There are two important things to remember when you're starting out as an influencer. The first is that you have to be dedicated if you want this to be your career. The successful influencers you follow have really dug their heels in and done what it takes to make it.

The second thing to remember is that you'll make very little money at the beginning, but all the work you put in will set you up for success along the way.

5 Things You Need to Do to Become an Influencer

1. Pick a Niche

It’s easy for us to think we don’t want to niche ourselves down because we’re afraid it will limit the people who will be interested. But you NEED to niche really strategically at first to gain traction and THEN broaden your focus and branch out.

2. Pick a Platform

Instead of trying to use all the platforms, pick one to start out. Start with specifically Instagram or specifically Facebook. Think about where the people who you want to attract hang out.

I don’t consider blogging a social platform, and I’d recommend having a blog in addition to the one social media platform you choose. BUT if that feels too overwhelming to you, you can absolutely start on social media alone!

3. Treat it Like a Business

It can be tempting to use your account as an outlet or a fun activity that you do while you’re home with your kids, but the people who are really successful and making TONS of money are the people who are treating it like a business, not the people doing it haphazardly.

4. Grow Your Account

You don’t have to have a massive following to make money as an influencer – if you have a really engaged following and you’re a quality account, people are going to pay you. But you do need to grow your audience – this means getting on a good posting schedule, using the right hashtags, collaborations giveaways, etc.

5. Make Money!

There’s no “magic number” that will help you work with a brand. Once you feel like you’ve established a relationship with the people that a brand is trying to reach, start reaching out to brands! That doesn’t mean you start by reaching out to Home Depot – you might reach out to your local hardware store first.

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