How I use TubeBuddy to make my YouTube life easier

I have something very special for you Youtubers out there!!! I stumbled on to TubeBuddy recently and it is already making a huge difference in my YouTube life.

TubeBuddy is a chrome extension that helps you make the most of your Youtube channel and it is #legit.

How I use TubeBuddy:

  • Create my thumbnail, cutting out an entire step on Photoshop #hallelujah!

Easy YouTube

  • Schedule my video to go LIVE in Facebook, say what?!? This is so awesome.
  • Use their checklist to do #allthethings when I publish a video

Easy YouTube

  • Schedule unlisted events so my team can work on my videos without making them private

You definitely want to add TubeBuddy to your repertoire. From helping you stay on track with your to-do list to building your Facebook audience like crazy #becauseFacebooklovesvideo, I so totally recommend this chrome extension.

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