How to Hide Images in Blog Posts [Pinterest]

how to hide Pinterest images in blog posts

Before I get to the “tech tip” today which is all about HOW to hide images in blog posts, let's talk about WHY you might want to do this.

Pinterest “likes” images that are vertical and look something like this…

how to hide Pinterest images in blog posts

See how annoying that was to have to scroll past to get to the rest of the text?

That's really it.

Pinterest images need to be vertical to get the exposure and clicks that you want them to get on Pinterest BUT it can be really annoying to put a ton of vertical really long images in a blog post for your audience. So, hide them and then you can pin them (and anyone who clicks the ‘pin it' button in their browser) from your site but they don't actually have to show anywhere.


So, let's get to it.

  1. You'll want to first create your Pinterest image. I always recommend Canva to anybody who doesn't have my first love in life, Photoshop – it's a really good free tool to create graphics.Ideally this image is something like 736x1104px.
  2. Now, once you create that you'll go and type up your post like normal and insert that photo just like you normally would in a post.I like to keep the images on the top of the blog post because they're easy to find.
  3. Ok, next you'll want to grab THIS code <div style=”display:none;”>
  4. Switch over to your “text editor” or HTML editor, depending on your blogging platform.
    how to hide Pinterest images in blog posts
  5. Find the image code. This is why I say to insert the image you want to hide FIRST because then it's REALLY easy to find it, it'll be the first thing in your HTML or Text video. Hint: all HTML starts with a “<” and ends with a “>”.how to hide Pinterest images in blog posts
  6. That code you grabbed up in step 3, you're going to insert it direction above or in front of the image code. So, find the opening “<” in the image code (mine is highlighted above) and insert the code from step 3 right above that. You can enter down if it helps you visually but just as long as it's right before it, it'll to hide Pinterest images in blog posts
  7. Then [as seen in the screenshot above] put this code </div> right AFTER the closing “>” in your image code.

When you go back to your visual view of your post, your image will now be hidden BUT it will show on the list of available images to Pin. Whoop whoop!

how to hide images in blog posts

If you'd like to watch the video version of this post, enjoy!

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