How to Install Your Facebook Pixel on Squarespace or WordPress


Today, we’re going to go into how to install your Facebook Pixel! Ta-da! Wait. What is a Facebook Pixel, you ask?

It is an itty bitty piece of code that lets Facebook follow your website visitors. They’ll know who’s been to what page and this help a ton with Facebook ads.

Ya know what though, even if you aren’t ready for Facebook ads, you’ll still want to install Facebook Pixel right now. You’ll have so much data for later!



5 Steps to Install Facebook Pixel

Step 1: Set-Up Your Pixel

  • Navigate to Ads Manager in Facebook and go to the Pixels section.
  • Don’t worry about how complicated it seems, all you have to do is start with one base pixel.

Step 2: Copy The Pixel Code

  • Click ‘Actions’ and ‘View Pixel Code’

  • Then, all you have to do is click and copy the code! #easypeasy

Step 3 In Squarespace: Paste Your Pixel Code in Code Injection

  • Go to ‘Settings’ –> ‘Advanced’ –>Code Injection
  • Paste your pixel code in the header box – that’s all, y’all!

Step 3 in WordPress

If you’re using a Genesis Theme

  • Go to ‘Theme Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Header Scripts’
  • Paste it there in the ‘Header Scripts’ box!

If you don’t have Genesis

  • Add the plug-in ‘Insert Headers and Footers’
  • Install and activate the plug-in
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Insert Headers and Footers
  • Paste your pixel in the ‘Scripts in Headers’ box

If you’re using Divi on WordPress

  • Go to ‘Divi’ –> ‘Theme Options’ –> ‘Integration’
  • Be sure to enable header code at the top
  • Paste your pixel in the box ‘Add code to the < head > of your blog’

Whether you’re on Squarespace of WordPress this is a sure-fire way to install your Facebook Pixel on your site and you definitely need it!


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