Don’t Let Money Get You Down!

I see you friend, working hard to make ends meet, then realizing that yet again you don’t have enough left to save… Now you’re asking yourself, “how does this happen every single month??” It’s time to change up that pattern – don’t let money get you down!

Don't Let Money Get You Down!

Don't let money get you down!

Maybe you’re even playing the money juggle game and always end up paying late fees because your due dates don’t match up with your paychecks. Any of this sound familiar?

I hear you, I know you, and I have been you!

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This my friend is money depression, rearing her ugly little head and making you feel like you are the ONLY ONE that doesn’t have this money thing figured out. Guess what? You are not the only one! And that doesn’t mean that you don’t have it all together or figured out; in fact, it means you’re pretty normal. Here are my top 6 tips to help you tame the beast that is money depression when she pops up!

1) Make a list

Hands down the best thing for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious is to make a list. Every little thing that is taking up space in my brain has to come out and onto a piece of paper. Then, I can organize and prioritize it.

2) Practice Gratitude

Next to making a list, practicing gratitude and reminding myself what I’m thankful for is a HUGE help! Count those blessings big and small and remind yourself just how truly blessed and lucky you are!

3) Get outside

Take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and get some sunshine! It’s a proven fact that sunshine can help us feel better.

Don't let money get you down

4) Get creative

Do something that makes your soul happy. Is that painting, writing, crafting, or even cooking? Whatever it is, you need to make time to feed your soul and get those creative juices flowing.

5) Find a money BFF

Find someone that you can truly talk to and openly discuss your money struggles with. If you can afford to hire a professional then do so. We can look at the situation from your angle, but a professional will stay more objective and help you see potential solutions.

6) Celebrate the small wins

So many times we celebrate the big wins and forget to celebrate the small wins, too! 

Just remember no matter how many times the beast that is money depression rears her head, there are plenty of ways to kick her back down!

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