5 Facebook Groups to Join if You’re a Female Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for a space to learn, grow, and network with other women on their business journey, Facebook groups are a fantastic place to accomplish that! Here’s a list of 5 Facebook groups to join if you're a female entrepreneur that will help you grow your business and leave you saying “oh my gosh, they GET it!”

5 Facebook Groups to Join if You're a Female Entrepreneur

5 Facebook groups to join if you're a female entrepreneur

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Get ready to gain some serious knowledge and business friendships from these Facebook groups!

The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur

Lacey Sites manages the Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Facebook group. Lacey is an entrepreneur whose podcast, LITerally, shares the ENTIRE nitty gritty process of starting an online business. The Facebook group is specifically for female entrepreneurs, and it’s all about sharing business frameworks and support! Lacey goes live weekly to talk about different aspects of running an online business, and you’ll find lots of fresh content, challenges, trainings, and more inside!

My personal favorite aspect of this group is how open people are about their achievements and struggles. The group is consistently growing, and it’s full of other women who truly understand what it means to start and scale a business.

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Create & Cultivate

The Create & Cultivate Facebook group is technically for past and future attendees of their events – but it’s actually become a hub for “all things entrepreneurship!” You're connected with a TON of other women who are entrepreneurs in various stages of business here.

This group is a GREAT place to look if you’re starting out in your business or freelancing. You’ll find a lot of posts looking to hire or recommend others in the group. You might see a business owner looking to hire a graphic designer to update their branding. A business coach might be looking for a social media manager to recommend to a client. Or, someone may even be looking to hire a full-time employee! If you’re looking for motivation, connections, and potential job opportunities, this is the group for you.

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5 Facebook groups to join if you're a female entrepreneur

The Intentional Entrepreneur with Sabrina Philipp

This Facebook group is massive with more than 20,000 members. And there’s a reason why – it’s an incredibly active and informative community! Sabrina, the host, is the creator of the Intentional Manageable Profitable framework for business. She’s a business coach for entrepreneurs with a proven history of helping women scale their businesses in big ways.

There is a WEALTH of information in here – and one of the group rules is that information and tips should be shared freely. I promise you'll learn a lot in this one!

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#VibeTribe – Social Media Marketing for the Online Entrepreneur

Kylie Francis hosts #VibeTribe. It's a Facebook group dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs learn ALL of the social media strategies and marketing information. Kylie goes live once a week in the group with totally free trainings for all members! Plus, members of the group get access to exclusive discounts and giveaways.

The focus of this group is on education and learning – not self-promotion. It’s all about discussion! Passive income streams are Kylie's focus. If that sounds like your jam, this is the group for you!

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Successful Female Entrepreneurs

In this list, this is the group that puts the most emphasis on collaboration and networking with other women in business. It’s all about brainstorming together, growing together, and supporting each other! The group is hosted by Maria Wendt who is a business coach for female entrepreneurs, and she does offer members access to some of her best tips about growing your business in the Units section.

With nearly 50,000 members, this is the largest group on this list and it’s incredibly active. It has a more structured posting format due to its size. There are #SaturdayPromo opportunities to share what your offers without overwhelming the group everyday. On #TipTuesday, each member of the group is invited to share their best business tips. Then, on #FollowFriday, all members have an opportunity to grow their social media following.

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