How to Create an Interactive Gmail Signature

Something I get asked a lot is “how did you get your email signature that way?”

And, guess what, it's SO easy!

Oh, and if you're using Gmail for your business withOUT some of the amazing extensions out there, you're missing out. I've put together a FREE guide just for YOU that outlines the most used extensions and what they do!

Listen up, this thing is EASY. Like crazy easy.

All you have to do is create a new Google Doc and then insert a table. I usually insert a table with 1 row and 2 columns but you can use whatever works well for you here.

interactive gmail signature

Alright, now, you'll insert images and links and text, whatever you want and then make sure you turn off the border options…unless you want borders, of course.

interactive gmail signature

interactive gmail signature

Now, literally, all you have to do is COPY everything you just did – just highlight it all and select “copy”. Then go into Gmail, account settings and scroll down and PASTE everything you just created and copied.

interactive gmail signature

Yep, it's that easy and that awesome. You're so welcome!

Pro Tip: There is a length limit to signatures within Gmail so just be careful not to get too long winded.

Pro Tip #2: Using too many images could cause your messages to go to spam and/or they may not show up in some email services.

Prefer a video version? Here ya go!

Watch this short little video and learn for yourself…easy peasy.

Remember, you can download the FREE eguide to help you determine what Gmail extensions you're missing out on now!

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