How to Tag YouTube Videos to Rank Higher

So I have this method for tagging videos, and it’s called “the tag tree”. Technically, it’s kind of like an upside-down tree, because it goes from big to little. But I want to explain to you how to tag your videos to get more views and rank higher on Youtube. Ready to find out how you should be tagging? Let’s go!

How to Tag YouTube Videos to Rank Higher

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The Tag Tree Method

So, it’s actually shaped more like a funnel, but let’s just go with it. (Side note: this a topic I actually cover more in-depth in Vidfluential U). 

Tagging is not the same as using #hashtags on Instagram. It’s more about how would someone search for your video. 

You want to make sure you have the best-optimized title by using the keywords so you can be found what you want to be found for. Think the same way for your tags BUT, you aren’t limited by characters!

EXAMPLE: Using the video title “How to Tag Videos to Rank Higher on Youtube”

Tags I would use:

      • “How to tag YouTube Videos”
      • “How to rank higher on YouTube”
      • “How to tag YouTube”
      • “Tag YouTube”
      • “Tagging Youtube”
      • And on and on,  using any words a user might type in the search bar to find my video

Then, use some phrases that Google Analytics gives you! Make tags out of those as well to include the Google-verse. 

You always want to be thinking about how your audience is searching for something. The title should be the best way and tags can be the other ways that they search

Using this strategy, you’ll actually be found using the ways your audience is looking for you, resulting in more views and ranking higher on YouTube. I’ve used this method for close to a year, and it was worked TREMENDOUSLY for me. I’ve even been able to go back to my old videos, retag them and bump them up in rankings.

So has your mind been blown today with everything you’ve just learned? I’d love to know how you will use this method in your videos! Be sure to let me know.

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