How to Add Text to iMovie

add text to iMovie

Listen, I get it.

Those title things built into iMovie are FUGLY. #amiright?

Well guess what buttercup? You can DEFINITELY add your own text, with your own branding, with your own fonts and colors to an iMovie movie.

So, buckle in ‘cause this one is fun.

How to Add Text to an iMovie Movie

You need a few tools first:

Gosh, I wish my ingredient list for supper was that simple.

Now, all you have to do is create the text you want to add to your movie in Canva (or Photoshop) with a transparent background.

So, if you want to add some text that looks like this:

how to add text to iMovie

In Canva, you’ll just create it, then export it with a transparent background as a PNG. Note: You DO have to have Canva for Work to export with a transparent background.

how to add text to iMovie

In Photoshop, you’ll make sure you have a transparent background in your document and just “save as” a PNG.
how to add text to iMovie

Now, in iMovie, create a new project/movie and find where you want to place your new title.

I find that dragging and dropping the image you just made straight onto the movie works best but you can import or whatever feel comfortable to you. If you drag-and-drop, you’ll just drag and drop the image you want to use as a title (ya know, the one you just created) and drop it exactly where you want it to appear.

how to add text to iMovie

Once it’s there it DOES insert in a weird way, so you’ll want to make sure you have “picture-in-picture” selected AND “fit” in the crop window.
how to add text to iMovie

how to add text to iMovie

Then, you can resize and place wherever you’d like and VOILA!

Now, you’ll have a pretty little title, branded and placed exactly where you want it.
how to add text to iMovie

Yes, you’re welcome.

Carry on with your video-editing bad self now.

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