5 New Year’s Resolutions for Solopreneurs

Welcome to 2021! After the year that was 2020, we’re all excited for a fresh start. The thing is, the new year only means a new you if you put in the work to change your habits! Let’s talk about 5 New Year’s Resolutions for solopreneurs that you can make AND actually stick to this year.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Solopreneurs

New Year's Resolutions for Solopreneurs

You want to make a New Year's resolution that will help your business and you. I've got a few ideas that you might find useful!

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Invest in Systems Thoughtfully

Systems are a solopreneur’s best friend! And “invest” doesn’t have to mean spending money. You can spend time scheduling out emails, adding reminders to your phone, or scheduling out calendar events that will help keep you and your biz running smoothly.

If you do have the extra cash to spend on a project management system, the Hey Jessica team will ALWAYS recommend ClickUp. And you can try it for free right here!

Audit your calendar once every month

Your time is the most precious resource you have, because it’s non-refundable. If you’re a solopreneur, it’s ESPECIALLY important to keep track of your time. How you spend your time directly reflects what does or does not happen in your business.

Schedule an hour or two once every month to audit your calendar. Where did you spend your time? What activities or books were worth it, and which ones didn’t give you a return on investment? Use your reflections on the past month to plan out your next month. 

Post on stories once per day, every weekday

Stories are where you nurture the followers you have on social media. You can edit this resolution to fit your schedule best – if every day is too daunting, start with two to three times a week! Bonus points if you show your face, but at least make sure that story bubble shows up on your follower’s Instagram.

Create and stick to a morning routine!

Take it from me –  the right morning routine can change your life! But it can take awhile to get to the right one. Xenia wrote a whole blog post about how to find your perfect morning routine, and you can give it a read right here if you’re trying to do the same. I like to balance practical to-do’s with ones that bring me joy to help me get out of bed. (My personal resolution here is to incorporate yoga into my morning routine rather than my evening – wish me luck on that one!)

Audit your hashtags once every month

Hashtags are the key to growth on Instagram! So, if you’re an Instagram user, don’t let those hashtags go stale. Check-in on them every month of 2021 and see if 1) they’re still relevant to your brand, 2) that your posts have the potential for success in them, and 3) if they’re still active. Your analytics will thank you!

New Year's Resolutions for Solopreneurs

What are your New Year's resolutions as a solopreneur? Come hang out with us on the @heyjessicatv Instagram and share them with us!

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