How YouTube Helps My Business

YouTube for business? You bet!

Utilizing YouTube has helped my entire business and I’m going to tell you just how. Did you notice that I have a YouTube video for every single blog post on my site? At this point, it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg. I don’t know what’s more important, the video or the blog post, but together they are ultra important and powerful!

I love YouTube and I know that a lot of my website visits come from YouTube. Sometimes it works the other way around where my peeps go from my website to YouTube. However it works, I know that it is so crucial to have YouTube for your business. Read on to find out why…



Every single blog I do has a Youtube video. The blog and the video have the same keywords and they are both SEO-optimized. All these keywords are flowing out to Google and making me come up as the number one search result. It’s like magic! That alone has made a huge impact on my business.

With the powers of blogs and videos combined, my exposure is increased and more of my audience gets on my website and email list, changing my business for the best.


I’ve tapped into the second largest search engine in the world, and you can too! Normally, people go to Google. That means, number two is Youtube. For the people who go straight to Youtube to search, this is where you can get ahead in the search results. #holla

By using Youtube for business, you can take advantage of a secondary search engine to reach people you might have missed on Google. Did you hear that? The stampede of new leads and customers rushing in? Yep, that’s Youtube for you.


This might sound crazy, but trust me y’all. Video increases your know like trust factor quicker than any other type of content. If you’re putting out video content, people know, like, and trust you way faster than they would if they were just reading a blog post. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing your personality come through? I do!

If you’re busting through this know like trust factor faster, you’re making more sales faster. I don’t only use Youtube for business. You can find me on Facebook Lives and webinars, but Youtube has helped so much because with every single blog post, I am getting new people who sit down and watch me. They get to know me that much better!

I plan to put even more strategy behind using Youtube for business moving forward. I want to encourage those of you who are considering their own Youtube channel to go ahead and do it. I promise that it has helped my business a ton. You’re up next, friend!

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