What to Do When You Don’t Believe You’re Good Enough for Your Dreams

You have a vision, dream or gift that could change the trajectory of your life. You have a feeling that there’s something greater out there for you than what is immediately in front of you. Others have told you that you’re in the wrong job or that your gift offered them light. You have proof that, should you choose to lean into your purpose or passion, life would meet you with less resistance. Yet, you don't believe you're good enough for your dreams.

The problem isn’t that you doubt your gifts or talents. The problem is you doubt yourself.

What to Do When You Don't Believe You're Good Enough for Your Dreams

Don't believe you're good enough for your dreams

You know that the gap between dreaming about your purpose and living in your purpose requires you to deviate from almost everything that makes you feel safe, comfortable, or confident.

You allow your fears to keep you exactly where you are instead of taking action towards your purpose. Your doubt makes you question your worthiness to dream that big.

You allowed yourself to believe that you’re not good enough for your dreams. 

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How you feed into your fear-based mindset 

Here’s the thing: when God assigns you a talent, skill, or gift, he does so with the intent to carry out a purpose.

Make no mistake about the fact that His will will be done. His intent will be carried out. If you continuously dismiss or ignore your calling, he will assign that gift to someone else.

Choosing to ignore your calling is passively asking for God to pass you by. 

God qualifies the unqualified. 

Your friends, parents, manager, and partners are not in the business of assigning purpose to anyone. God is. You spend energy trying to convince them of your calling and you waste time filtering your faith through the lenses of those who lack sight for your calling. You then start to waste more time and energy by finding ways to adopt their opinions as your truth. 

Each time you start dreaming again, you remind yourself of these opinions.

This is the vicious cycle of strengthening a fear-based mindset. You have always had the truth. You chose to bury it under a sea of insecurity and fear.

Don't believe you're good enough for your dreams

What’s triggering these mental messages

Having a dream, big or small, takes courage. It requires you to stop and resist the currents and conditions of a trajectory that many of us unknowingly agreed to. You are required to seek the possibility of things you have been told did exist.

That is a scary place to be and it may require you to take this journey alone. We are seeking validation or confirmation from people who never realized their dreams. Those people may have the best intentions, but they’re no longer able to guide you without some level of impact from their failures. They’re the ones who have inserted the subconscious beliefs that you are trying to prove wrong.

You must seek out those who have already dispelled the thoughts that you have about yourself or your ideal life.

How to productively seek out more successful people without getting triggered

Seeking out people who have successfully navigated through your current phase of life may trigger your insecurities.

It’s natural for us to judge others successes and overlook their journey to success. The intent of seeking out successful people is to force your mind to seek out the objective facts about this person.

Your ego will tell you to believe that this person was better off than you. You may believe that this person had more resources than you and that's why he/she was successful. It will make you think you should believe that you’re not good enough as a survival strategy because it doesn’t want to challenge what it believes to be true about how you got to where you are today.

The best way to seek out success stories is to be intentional about finding information on a successful person’s early stages, failures, candid conversations, and moments of similarity to your feelings or mindset.

The intent behind this practice is to give yourself permission and grace to be mediocre. It’s an opportunity for you to normalize starting small and building as you learn.

You will approach a new level of fear or insecurity with each new stage of faith. Trust that when you lean into your calling, God will present you with the resources you need to navigate through it.

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