Ways Business Owners are Adapting to COVID-19

Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the day-to-day management of businesses. Here are some of the ways business owners are adapting to COVID-19.

Ways Business Owners are Adapting to COVID-19

Resilient Entrepreneurs | Ways Business Owners are Adapting to COVID-19

I LOVE to celebrate and support people’s successes – and I think that business owners adapting to Coronavirus is an incredible feat. Here’s a bunch of creative, cool, and downright clever ways business owners are adapting to COVID-19 across the U.S.

Going virtual – even if it isn’t obvious for their industry

It feels like the most obvious option during the pandemic is to take your business virtual – and when it’s done well, it can be HUGELY successful.

When Jeff Moriarty’s brick-and-mortar family jewelry business, Moriarty’s Gem Art, had to close due to the pandemic, they started strategizing. With 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Jeff said they had talked about integrating Facebook and YouTube live streams into their business before but had never followed through. Now, their shows are thriving.

“We are now getting about 1000+ customers and non-customers watching our show each week. Not only has it helped to stay connected with our customers, it has generated a ton of sales ($12,000 from our last show) for our business. It has been so successful that we have continued it, even with our store now being open.” Jeff Moriarty, Moriarty’s Gem Art

Daniel Chan, founder of Dan Chan Magic, had to adapt to the pandemic quickly. When COVID began, he went from being an in-demand, Silicon Valley magician performing six shows every week to being anxious as he watched many of his colleagues go out of business. So, he got creative and started doing virtual magic shows via Zoom.

“By performing online, I can amaze audiences without having to fly or drive hours to an event. The close-up tricks I love to perform can now play to hundreds of people at once, and they play just as well as a stage illusion. If I do decide to perform stage illusions, I no longer need to lug equipment around. I have less of a risk that ticketed shows won’t cover the cost of the venue.” Daniel Chan, Dan Chan Magic

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Using their skills in new ways

Sarah Muender, the host of Motivation for Moms podcast and a transformational coach for moms, was affected in the same way as her clientele. As a mom and a coach for other moms with children at home full-time, something had to give. To help her clients and herself, Sarah switched strict schedules for on-demand video calls.

“I've been able to shift my business to a more streamlined go-at-your own pace type model without sacrificing accountability. This allows us to communicate when it's convenient for us.” Sarah Muender, Motivation for Moms

Ways Business Owners are Adapting to COVID-19

Supporting their team (from a distance)

Everybody needs support right now, even if you’re the most introverted home-body that exists. Business owners are taking especially good care of their employees right now. Catherine Merritt, CEO and founder of Spool Marketing, keeps her team connected every day.

“We've started doing things like sending cocktail kits for Zoom happy hours. We launched a company and client ‘anti-racist book and discussion group'. I've hosted some of our team in my backyard for safely distanced happy hours. We have a team meeting each morning to check in with each other.” Catherine Merritt, Spool Marketing

Michael Alexis, CEO of TeamBuilding, brought the campfire vibes to his employees’ homes.

“We've switched to virtual team building and run events like tiny campfire, where we send s'more kits to employees and then do a group call for camp games and ghost stories. It's fun!” Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Switching gears

Midgi Moore, the Owner of Juneau Food Tours in Alaska, was hit hard when cruise lines canceled all trips and stopped bringing tourists to the city. As a professional foodie, she switched gears with her business by launching Taste Alaska!, a subscription box featuring Alaskan shelf-stable food products, artwork and cultural items from the region, and visitor guides and tips.

“Our motto is, If you can't come to us, we'll come to you. Our goal is to keep Alaska in the forefront of travelers' minds. This is also an opportunity for me to work with small businesses throughout the state, and to share all of Alaska.” Midgi Moore, Juneau Food Tours

Like I said before – business owners are resilient. Whether you keep doing what you’re doing, try integrating something new, or pivot entirely, as long as you keep pushing forward, you’ve got this.

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