Updated Studio Tour! My YouTube filming space and podcasting studio

In case you missed it… I just moved in to my very own studio space! We've done a LOT of work to the place (even though it's nowhere near finished yet), so I wanted to show you all an updated studio tour. Let's get up close and person in my YouTube filming space and podcasting studio!

Updated Studio Tour! My YouTube filming space and podcasting studio

Updated studio tour - kitchen

Want to experience the studio tour on video?! I’ve got you covered!

Updated Studio Tour! My YouTube filming space and podcasting studio

Wanna see what the studio looks like now that we're mostly moved in and getting settled?!? Neon sign from JanTec http://jantecneon.com Be sure to subscribe for more awesomeness! https://www.youtube.com/jessicastansberry?sub_confirmation=1 GET STARTED on YOUTUBE the RIGHT WAY | https://heyjessica.com/toolkit WANT ME TO AUDIT YOUR CHANNEL!?!

Welcome to the Hey Jessica Studio!

That name is still in the works – I'm still deciding what to put on the sign outside that won't confuse locals too much, but so people will also know it's mine!

Updated studio tour
The view when you first walk in

This space is pretty large – and it makes a great spot for filming! When you walk in the door and look to the right, we have our desk area in the front, a small seating area, and a peek into the filming studio in the back.

The chairs in the seating area are from Facebook marketplace and the rugs are from Wal-Mart. I got these L-shaped desks from Amazon – and if you hang out with me on Instagram, you know I ended up with FOUR of them instead of just the two I ordered! We love them, and they're especially great because you can customize how they're put together depending on which way you want the desks to face.

Don't you love the color?!

Updated studio tour - desk
My workspace – can you spot the hidden YouTube Play Button?

This is my desk! I'm still not entirely moved in yet because of the school schedule here, but I've got my podcasting mic all set up using this boom stand that clips on to the desk. I recently got this fancy microphone after dropping my old one, and it's really incredible. I wanted to make sure the mic plugged straight into my laptop because that's how I typically record.

(Also, I don't usually keep a balloon on my desk – that's a fun Valentine's day treat from my husband and kids!)

Updated studio tour - desk
Laura's setup

This is Laura's desk setup! She's got baskets for cords and snacks – AKA all the essentials. The best part about this setup is definitely the computer, though. After doing a lot of research, I decided to grab the new Mac Mini with the M1 chip for her to use in the office, and it's seriously impressive. It runs SUPER fast, and even though I read a few reviews saying Adobe hasn't updated their software to work well with the M1 chip, it seems to handle Premiere Pro better than my desktop does.

I also picked up this screen to go with it, and it plugs in via HDMI cord.

One of my favorite spots in the studio is this seating area

Updated studio tour - seating area
Comfy Facebook marketplace couches for the win!

This color blocked wall and these couches are one of my favorite parts of the office. It's such a cozy space to hang out or film/take photos! And, once COVID allows for it, this will be the space I rearrange and add chairs to host local classes. SUPER excited about that!

Now, on to the filming space…

Updated studio tour - filming space

The other best thing about the studio is the filming space! I am OBSESSED with this matte black wall featuring my neon sign from Jantec Neon Products.

If you've made it this far into the blog post, you're seeing a bonus sneak peek that wasn't even in the video. I just got these two white desks to use for in-person podcast interviews! They make a great interview seating area and filming space.

But the coolest thing about this space by far are the curtains. I needed something that would mount onto the ceiling and let me close off the space for filming or recording when Laura's working. And to create a cool, moody effect for filming. So, I grabbed these curtains from Amazon. They come in HUGE sizes and lots of colors. And when they're closed, it's like I'm in a separate room! (I also use these curtains to cover the front windows at night so people can't look in.) We hung them up using this bendable track, so it will fit into any space.

Filming space
Check it out! Totally different vibe.

Alright, last stop in this updated studio tour…

The kitchen area!

Updated studio tour - kitchen
More color blocking

This space is still “under construction,” but we have the essentials: a mini fridge, a Keurig, and some Bubly water.

We are LOVING this studio space, and I hope you're loving it, too! Stay tuned for some more updates as I add new things to the space.

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