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So, this is actually a FIRST 'round the Hey Jessica parts! I'm super excited to bring you this post from Trena Little, a video and YouTube specialize for entrepreneurs. She's kinda awesome and when I asked her to write about the optimization side of Tubebuddy (one of my newest favorite YouTube tools) she was all over it.

Make sure to check back next week when I go more in-depth (in video) about how I specifically use Tubebuddy beyond the ways she mentions in this post.

Without further ado – take it over Trena!

One of the most important parts to growing your business on Youtube, that most people don’t realize, is video optimization.  You can no longer expect to upload your video and get lots of views unless you are properly optimizing your videos.  New people are not going to find your content if you aren’t ranking on the front page of Youtube search results.

How do you optimize a video?

There are so many elements that go into optimization; picking the right video title, knowing what to write in the description box, selecting the right tags.  Now you might be thinking, “Oh no this sounds like so much more work then I’m willing to commit to” but by using TubeBuddy, you can figure out exactly what tags to target that will get you ranked on the front page of Youtube!

Before I started using TubeBuddy I was researching my video content by using a combination of Youtube search and Google keywords tool.  Scouring these two place to find the perfect keywords and phrase that would get me ranked.  And yes it did take some time but it’s totally worth it if you want to reach a bigger audience.

Tag Explorer

But with TubeBuddy they have a tool built into their browser extension that does all the research work for you!  Their tool Tag Explorer lets you see what tags are trending, if it has a high search volume and if it’s competitive or not.

This tool can help you find specific highly searched words and phrases with low competition on Youtube and use that as your video title, in your description box and as a tag!  This is your first step in getting your video ranked on the front page of Youtube!

Tag Lists

Another tool offered by TubeBuddy is Tag Lists.  You can create different tag lists related to your content.  Say your videos are about productivity and organization.  But you also like to talk about copy writing.  You can create a tag list for your productivity videos and another tag list for your copywriting videos.

This makes optimizing your videos so much easier and saves you so much time!

Video Topic Planner

If you love to batch your tasks, this video topic planner is just for you!  When you are coming up with your content plan for the month you can use the topic planner to keep all the research you do in one place.  

You can start saving the tags you want to use.  You can find what’s trending around your topic.  You can also find related videos.  All this information helps you figure out how to position your video to get it ranked higher.  And can give you new topic ideas!

Best Time To Publish

I get asked a lot… is there a best time to publish on Youtube?  And the short, quick answer is no.  It depends when your audience is active on Youtube.  If you are posting content on Youtube and targeting moms, they are more likely on Youtube late evenings after the kids go to bed.  But if you are targeting at home business owners, they might be online in the mornings or afternoons.

TubeBuddy will do all the guessing for you with their Best Time To Publish calculator.  But before you can really utilize this tool you will need to upload a few videos on your channel for the tool to analyze your video’s engagement.

Video Launch Status

I LOVE this feature.  Especially for Youtube beginners.  If you publish a video and you aren’t getting the views you had hoped for, you can go to Video Launch Status and have TubeBuddy analyze if you are missing any opportunities with your video.  The you can re-optimize!

Missed opportunities include; recommend tags for your video, where to add cards, if you haven’t responded to comments, and an analysis of your audience retention to let you know if that content is what your audience wants to see from you or not!

This feature in particular can really help you take your channel to the next level and make sure you are creating content your audience wants to see and making sure you are getting it in front on them!

If you want to start using Youtube to grow your audience I would definitely look into using some of these TubeBuddy tools to get your channel started!

Check out Trena's 4-day challenge to help you set-up your YouTube channel!

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