ThriveCart vs SamCart

You’re trying to pick a checkout software, but aren’t sure which one is right for you. I’m breaking down some of the differences between ThriveCart vs SamCart to help you decide!

ThriveCart vs SamCart

ThriveCart vs SamCart

I initially purchased a lifetime subscription to SamCart, and ended up canceling it because it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. In walked ThriveCart, and my life was changed! Here’s a breakdown of ThriveCart vs SamCart.

Checkout Customization

I’m big on making my checkouts match my branding where possible. ThriveCart makes customizing checkout pages way easy! You can change the color of every element on the page, from the background to the text to the color of each button when you select or deselect it. You can also drag and drop elements to build the page exactly how you’d like to build it.

SamCart has much more limited design features. You can still customize the layout of pages, but the granular customization is not on the same level as ThriveCart. SamCart does have a variety of sales page templates to choose from, so that’s always a great option if customization isn’t your top priority.


ThriveCart integrates SUPER well with Teachable and ConvertKit, which are my course-hosting platform and email marketing platform of choice. ThriveCart allows you to fulfill a purchase through ThriveCart natively, and “set a behavior” to add a tag to a subscriber on ConvertKit.

SamCart will totally integrate with Teachable and ConvertKit too, but it requires the use of Zapier which is an additional cost.

ThriveCart vs SamCart


Both ThriveCart and SamCart have the option to add affiliates to your products. So if you have an online course and want to have people promote it for you and make affiliate income, both checkout softwares have that option!

Sales Funnels

ThriveCart and SamCart both allow you to customize sales funnels. You can create an order bump and upsells to attach to different products. One of the cool things about funnels on ThriveCart is that you can also add downsells to your funnel, if that suits your fancy.

Payment Integrations

Both platforms integrate with PayPal and Stripe easily. However, ThriveCart also integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay which is pretty nice!


ThriveCart is available for a lifetime fee of $495. SamCart has a monthly subscription fee, coming in at $39 per month for their cheapest plan and $159 per month for their most expensive.

And there you have it – a general breakdown of ThriveCart vs SamCart. I hope it helps you decide which checkout software works best for your business!

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