The No-Fail Way to Rewarm Your Email List

You’ve collected all those emails just to find out that it’s been six months since you’ve reached out to them. It’s been crickets on your email list, and you’re unsure how to even approach it again. Don’t worry! Today I’m going to walk you through my no-fail way to rewarm your email list.

The No-Fail Way to Rewarm Your Email List

No-fail way to rewarm your email list

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen those sleazy emails from brands that blame you for not interacting with their emails. I know that’s not your style. So let me first say, you are not in any way alone. I have had many clients come to me with a cold email list and a confused look on their face. “Ashley, how do I rewarm my email list up?”

How can you reach back out to your subscribers in a heart-centered way? Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

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Why did they become cold:

Before we get into how you can rewarm your list, let’s get into why they became cold in the first place. When it comes down to it, people go cold for many different reasons. For some of my clients, they just left them cold by not emailing them. For others, it could be because of inconsistent frequency, lack of content that interests them, or “fill in other unknown reasons” here. Let’s be honest, the reason isn’t the important part.

The most important thing to remember here is not to take it personally. And how do you handle it? Sometimes people accidently add you to the list. It’s tech and it happens. But I want you to then shift into taking responsibility to bring people back in.

Most email marketing platforms will automatically segment your cold subscribers. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look at every single one. So let’s dive into an example!

Here’s the email example:

Subject: hey I’m sorry!

Hey {first_name}, 

I have totally missed the mark somehow as you haven’t opened or clicked on my emails in the last 90 days or so.

My mission is to help you achieve ____, ____, and ____. If you are still interested in receiving my emails, all you have to do is click here to stay engaged on my list. If not, no biggie, you can unsubscribe below if I’m no longer your cup of tea.

Hit reply and let me know what I could have done differently to help you?  


The no-fail way to rewarm your email list

I sent this and it didn’t work…

I’ve shared this email with many people and they have come back to say, “so they didn’t all click or open it!” That’s not the goal…you only want to only bring back the people who want to be there. Don’t get caught up in the lie that you need a huge list. You only need to focus on the people who want to be in your world. 

From this point, you can send two additional emails if you would like. Simply segment out those who have already clicked on the previous ones. Once they have completed the emails, anyone less should be downloaded and then removed from your list. You can use that list to then do a retargeting ad later down the line if you would like.

Alright, now go for it!

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