Starting a Business in 2021 | Nobody’s telling you these things…

Are you starting a business in 2021? Let’s talk about the things that you NEED to know to get started (that I don’t think anyone else is telling you).

Starting a Business in 2021 | Nobody’s telling you these things…

Starting a business in 202

Want to watch a video version of this post? I’ve got you covered!

Starting a Business in 2021 | Nobody's telling you these things…

ARe you thinking of starting a business in 2021 and need business tips and advice on how to start a business, I've got you. Start a business with ease once y…

Today, I'm talking about the strategy behind starting a business

I’ve done videos about the technical things that you need to start a business in the past. This one is going to focus on the overarching things that you need to have in place to make a successful business.

Think of this as your business 101.

Have a WHY and a NICHE

You need a mission that goes far and above “I need to make money,” a niche that goes far deeper than “I want to help all women.”

Your mission and niche need to be DEEPLY rooted in whatever your business is going to do.

Airbnb is a great example of this. They have understood their mission and ideal client from the very beginning, and it’s one of the reasons that they’re thriving.

If you’ve got a solid and deeply rooted mission, people will FEEL it. It will help with your marketing and, truthfully, it’ll motivate you through the tough times.

And a niche is CRUCIAL. People need to know that you’re specifically talking to THEM, not just random group of everybody.

Demographics don’t matter as much as psychographics. Focus on how your people feel, why they need your thing, and how you’re helping them.

Network your booty off

This was way easier back in the day when we could meet people and actually hug them, but it’s not impossible.

You can STILL go and network virtually on social media or on apps like Clubhouse. And a lot of different organizations and conferences have continued to meet virtually. So check with your local Chamber of Commerce if you’re a location-specific business, look up virtual conferences, and see how you can get in the room with the right people.

That doesn’t just mean people who want to buy from you (although that’s super important too). It also includes people who have similar audiences to you or do something similar. That will help you get support from friends who are in your field AND give you an opportunity to collaborate with each other to grow down the line.

Build a personal brand at the same time

If you are starting a business in 2021, no matter WHAT your business is, you need to be building your personal brand at the same time. (Your personal brand can also be your entire business, but you need one regardless).

Even if you’re building a business with a ton of employees, if your name is behind it, your personal brand MATTERS. That person will choose to hire you for that service because they know that you’re an expert on the subject. It doesn’t even matter that they won’t be working directly with your – your  name and endorsement carry a lot of weight.

When I first started a web design company, I hid behind my logo. And that’s NOT the current climate of the world. People need to see the people behind the business. If growing is important to you, then you need to stand up as the person who is behind the brand.

starting a business in 2021

Don’t try to be everywhere and everything to everybody

Pick ONE social platform, one content creation platform, and build your email list. That will get you far and above trying to use four social media platforms and trying to start a million things all at once.

A social platform could be something like Instagram or Facebook – but it just needs to be a space where your ideal client lives. If I love Instagram but my ideal clients are baby boomers, then I’d better choose another platform because baby boomers aren’t hanging out on Instagram. Facebook might be better.

A content creation platform is something that can rank in search, like a blog or YouTube channel. If showing up on video feels like a barrier for you, then DON’T start out right away creating videos. You can do the most simple form of content creation to get started.

And you can host your email list wherever you’d like (although I recommend ConvertKit!). An email list is VERY VERY VERY important. It’s the only database of leads that you have that you actually own. And that makes it CRUCIAL as a focus.

That’s what you need. Get those three things in motion, build them up, and you’ll see that starting a business comes naturally.

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