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I just got back from Rise Business, Rachel Hollis's conference, and I wanna give you the low-down and dirty version of what it was like. Was it good? Was it bad? Was it basic? Did I love it or hate it? Guess you'll have to wait and see! Keep reading.

My thoughts on Rise Business + Why I've been absent on YouTube

Wondering where I've been? Well, I've been stuck and burnt out but I'm back and clear and #allthethings! Also, I went to Rise Business by Rachel Hollis and I…

Wanna watch a video version? Here's a YouTube live I did all about it!

Rise Business Thoughts | An Honest Review

So, here's what's up…

I really like Rachel Hollis but I am not an OG follower of hers and one of those fan-girls that runs around trying to get a selfie – that's really not my nature anyway, but, you get what I'm saying.

I first read Girl, Wash Your Face late last year (2018), probably a solid 6+ months after it released even though I heard all the hype about it; why did I wait so long to read it?

I don't like being told what to do, ha!

Seriously though, I didn't know who this girl was and the book was telling me that I needed to wash my face…no thank you.

But then I went on a trip, listened to it on my drive to the airport, on the plane and on the drive back and, even though I was listening to the audio version, I couldn't put it down! I was hooked, I loved it, it caused me to instantly fall in love with RH. Why? Because we're literally the same person. I actually wonder sometimes, because we're SO similar in the way we think, the things we say (the things I said before I knew of her that she also says), the way we act that we're not some kind of sister-from-another-mister kinda thing.

Anywho, read the book, read the next book, really enjoyed it too and, actually, it was super motivating for me.

Rise Business Review

I went to Rise Business a bit of a skeptic; I honestly WENT to the conference to see how she put on a conference differently than the 12 billion I've been to before; I went to see how she captivated her audience and I went because she had some bomb speakers and it was an easy drive for me.

Honestly, I was 100% sure it would be such basic information that I'd be bored and annoyed…

BUT HOLY BANANA BOATS, that was NOT the case.

Every.single.speaker (Rachel included) brought LEGIT fire – there's no other way to explain it. They were keynote-like talks, they were motivational and struck heartstrings and laughter but they also taught some amazing things that were magically applicable to both beginner and advanced business-owner alike.

Yes, there were definitely a few sessions that were a bit too basic or just didn't wow me like most of them did, but, overall, SO good.

People I didn't expect to learn from taught me things that will make my business better. Stories shared from stage will make my LIFE better.

I cried A LOT during this conference and I am NOT a public crier. I am a crier, for sure, give me a good Hallmark movie where the soldier comes home and falls in love and has to leave his new love interest and I'm DOWN for the ugly cry but I'm generally not one to get emotional in public but I couldn't help it.

I had so many aha moments, so many moments of clarity, so many things just click for me that I can HONESTLY SAY, girl scout's honor, this was THE BEST business conference I've ever been to.

So much so that I KNOW I'll be going next year to the one in Austin.

And listen y'all, I've been to A LOT of business conferences. I've SPOKEN at a lot of business conferences. This was hands-down the best.

Something I have to say before I really close out this blog post about Rise Business;

I was worried that the content would be basic and that I wouldn't really get a lot out of the content – actually, I went in not even remotely thinking I'd get a lot out of the content – but Rachel and every speaker she had on that stage thinks about business on a whole different level than anybody I've ever heard speak before. It's like they're not even in the same atmosphere as most people who teach business – they're ready to go bigger, BE bigger and, that is the biggest lesson I, personally, took out of Rise Business – I am going to be thinking bigger, I'm going to be going bigger than big and I KNOW I'll look back, a few years from now, and say, “Rise Business changed my life.”

Watch the video version here —> CLICK HERE.

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