REVEALING the new neon sign for the studio!

I have been SO excited to get a neon sign for the black filming wall in my new studio, and it's finally here! I'm revealing the new neon sign for the studio right here, right now.

REVEALING the new neon sign for the studio!

Want to watch the video version of this post? I've got you covered!

Picking up and REVEALING the new neon sign for the STUDIO

Ah! I've been SOOOO excited to get a neon sign for the black filming wall and it's here and up and looks amazing! Come meet the awesome folks from Jantec who…

First, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the folks at Jantec Neon for sponsoring my video and for making all of my neon sign dreams come true! Jantec is a neon sign company based in Mount Airy, NC (close to me!), and we had an opportunity to go see the entire neon sign making process, and let me tell you, it was cool!

(Jantec takes custom neon sign orders online or over the phone, and they also have a ton of pre-made signs to choose from on their website!)

Click here to check out Jantec Neon

Now, onto the sign!

The process of making a neon sign is WAY more intricate than I ever expected it to be

Touring Jantec's facility was one of the most fun things I've ever done for this job. I learned that making neon signs is super complex!

They have templates for all of the signs that they create, and they have benders who form the glass into its correct shape. After that, they add different pieces to actually make the glass into a neon lightbulb. Then, they put the sign on a backing and dip it into paint to “black out” the parts of the sign that you don't want to see.

They quality test each sign, and then ship them out to the customer.

I'll be honest – when I first found Jantec, I expected them to be a small outfit because they were local to me. And in reality, they are a well-oiled factory-esque machine that makes HIGH quality signs.

If you want to hear an interview that I did with Jan, the owner/CEO of Jantec, watch the video up top and skip to 4:09. (It's a fun one, I promise)

And now for the neon sign reveal…

revealing the new neon sign


revealing the new neon sign

I decided to go with a bring pink sign that says “Spunk Hustle Grit.” And I couldn't be happier. It looks beautiful on my black filming wall – and you'll be seeing it in all of my videos!

Thanks again to Jantec for their hospitality and for the fantastic sign. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for some neon sign inspo or order one of your own!

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