Replace LeadPages (and other monthly fees) with WordPress Plugins

replace Leadpages

Do you ever feel like we’re just BOMBARDED by all the systems we need for our business and, by the time we get the stupid systems, we’re spending all of our profits?!

I have always been a DIY-ing business owner and, although I’m much more of a “stay in my zone of genius” business owner now, those days of DIY-ing really taught me to look for just-as-good-but-cheaper solutions when I needed something in my business.

Today, I’m going to tell you some of my favorite WordPress plugins for replacing monthly-fee-driven systems like LeadPages.

  1. LeadPages (and/or ClickFunnels, InstaPages, whatever). These systems are GREAT and are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to having an easy-to-use software for building out landing pages for things like webinars, etc.

    Guess what though?! You can replace those monthly fees with a WordPress plugin called Thrive Landing Pages. Now, TLP (Thrive Landing Pages) is a plugin that can be used on ANY WordPress site which is why I’m recommending it over some others. If you’re already using a system like Divi, just use it to build your landing pages. I promise, these are super easy and just as amazing as LeadPages and it’s cousins.
  2. LeadBoxes. Ya know, those fancy pop-up boxes you see when you’re leaving someone’s site or you click on a button to get something.

    These pretty little boxes can be replaced with plugins like PopUpAlly (which y’all know I’m a big fan of) and Thrive Leads.
  3. Sumo. This awesome service allows you to have a welcome mat (the thing you might have seen on this site right when you landed here) when someone arrives at your site so you can do some serious lead capturing (actually, welcome mats are one of my favorite ways to passively capture leads). But, dude, it’s kinda expensive. With my site traffic it was going to be close to $100/mo and that is a little steep for my cheap little entrepreheart.

    So, what’s my solution? Same as #2, Thrive Leads. This sucker not only has popup boxes but it also has welcome mats and top-of-website bars and so much more!
  4. Deadline Funnel. I can’t express enough love for Deadline Funnel and I actually do express my love for it here because it makes building evergreen funnels easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The problem? Again, it’s a monthly fee and, well, yo’ girl is cheap.

    You can 100% replace DF with Thrive Ultimatum which I actually just found a few weeks ago (when I went on a search to do some system/monthly-fee auditing in my biz). This plugin lets you time-out pages based on specific dates or time that the user has been there JUST like Deadline Funnel.

Woah Nelly, calm down but, yes, to answer your question, I DID just save you HUNDREDS of dollars per month by telling you about one-time-fee systems that do the same thing those systems you’re using do.

You can repay me with gym memberships, string cheese and clothes.

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