Real Estate Marketing | Growing your real estate business with video

Hello realtor! I see you there, looking for ways to improve your real estate business and I have a secret for you – actually, I have THE secret for you to real estate marketing.

Real Estate Marketing | Growing your real estate business with video

Here’s the deal, when you started your business you were given advice by other real estate agents and publications dedicated specifically to realtors, right? Well, guess who’s excelling in this industry? The agents that are going above and beyond the normal marketing tactics for the industry.

Ever heard the saying, “If everybody is special, nobody is special”?

Let’s apply that theory here:

Let’s say you’re one of 50 agents in your local area and you’re all using social media, advertising on Facebook, listing your properties on your broker site and relying on word-of-mouth; well, if EVERYBODY is doing that, then it’s not doing ANYBODY any good.

But, what if you could stand out among the noise, YOU could be the person that pops into someone’s mind when they’re ready to sell or buy property.

That’d be awesome, right?

YES! It would and I want to tell you how to do it right now.

real estate marketing | How to rock your real estate business with video

Imagine two scenarios:

  1. You have a listing for a property that’s beautiful and competitively priced so you put up pictures, write a snazzy description and put it on Zillow, your website and maybe even Facebook.
  2. You have the same listing, same great description, photos and placement but you also do a video tour for social media.

Here’s the difference, obviously it’s the video tour, BUT here’s why:

YOU show yourself on camera, YOU are seen by the audience who would have normally only seen the pictures of the property. Now, with every listing you have, you do the video tour (while taking the pictures you would have taken anyway, so this doesn’t take any extra time) and you’re increasing the fact that more and more people are getting to see you with every listing you have.

The Know, Like & Trust factor.

This is the principle that marketing itself is built on. It’s the process someone has to go through to purchase from you. They have to first know you – so, essentially you have to make them aware of you. Then, they have to like you – sometimes people don’t like you, that’s ok, but your job is to make sure the majority of people DO like you. After both of those things, your audience needs to trust you – they need to believe that you are honest and will take care of them.

There are several ways to go through this process:

  • Text/photos. This is what you’re probably currently doing, placing photos and nice copy on a website or social media for your properties. This is the SLOWEST way to go through the marketing process.
  • Audio/voice. You could add a voice-over to a slideshow of your photos or even be on the local radio station to talk to your audience. This option allows people to feel like they know, like and trust you quicker than text.
  • Video. Stepping it up to video tours and other video aspects to your business show your face, your mannerisms, expose your voice and make people feel like they know, like and trust you SO QUICKLY.

The only thing that could possibly trump all of these is in-person, face-to-face meetings, but it’s not possible to meet every possible person who might ever want to list with you or purchase from you.

So, I want to challenge you to approach your marketing in a way that’s different from EVERYBODY else in your industry and get yourself, your business and your properties and opportunities on video and on social.

You need to be the person people think of when they think of real estate, YOU need to be out there, putting your face, not just your properties, out into the world and YOU will dominate the industry.