Your First Digital Product


So, you want to create a digital product that your audience will LOVE… and that will actually sell and make you some passive income? Your First Digital Product is THE toolkit for you to make creating a successful digital product easy peasy lemon squeezy. No matter what your business is or who your audience is, I PROMISE there's a digital product that's perfect for both.

What's Included…

  • Digital Product Idea List to show you all the different digital product options you can create
  • Pick Your Perfect Digital Product Guide so you can decide the best digital product for you
  • Digital Product Creation Guides to walk you step-by-step through creating Lightroom Presets, Canva Templates, and ClickUp Templates
  • Digital Product Pricing Guide plus tips on WHERE you should sell your digital product
  • Digital Product Template Pack to get you started right away, including a Digital Planner Template, Workbook Template, and Instruction Sheet Template