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    Create a Digital Product that Makes $100/day on Autopilot


    Learn how to create a digital product that can make up to $100/day on autopilot so you can work less and live more while making money in the background.

    In this trainingI’m talking about…

    • What is a digital product
    • How to find the PERFECT digital product for you
    • How to set up a system where you make sales EVERY SINGLE DAY

    Note: this is a REPLAY of a live from June 2023

  • Marketing Your Digital Products Like a Boss Masterclass (ACTUALLY MAKE SALES)


    Let’s be real – if you don’t know how to sell your digital product to your audience, you won’t make sales. That’s why I created this Marketing Your Digital Products Like a Boss Masterclass, where I break down my tried-and-true marketing strategies to make sure your digital product makes sales from the get-go. Someone NEEDS what you’re creating, and this masterclass will teach you how to help them find it!

  • 12 Weeks to An Audience Who’s Begging for Your Offer


    Imma be 100% honest with you, you NEED an audience, even if it’s tiny, to sell an online course, but, don’t worry, I’ve got you! In this training, I’m going to walk you through how to create and cultivate an audience that’s begging for your offer in just 12 weeks. It’s a MUST if you’re creating a course and starting from zero. That’s why I’m sharing EVERYTHING you need to know to build your audience so that they’re ready and eager to buy what you launch when you launch it.

  • How to Incorporate Passive Income Into Your Existing Business Masterclass


    Yes, passive income CAN work for you, no matter what kind of business you have, what kind of product you sell, what kind of service you do, or what type of content you create.

    Get access to an in-depth masterclass that will teach you how to incorporate passive income INTO your existing business so you can stop leaving money on the table.

  • Goal Setting with ClickUp


    Woah Nelly! Want To Learn How To Set Goals And TRACK Them In ClickUp With Another Fun Template And A Quick Training?!?

    Then you NEED to grab my Goal Setting with ClickUp training! 

    Inside you’ll find an in-depth 30-minute training to help you understand how to use the template and goal setting measures in ClickUp to track your goals in a fun, functional, and systematic way so you actually hit them!

  • Fast Track to Monetization on YouTube


    Monetization on YouTube can be closer than you think with my Fast Track to Monetization on YouTube Training!

    Here’s what we’ll cover…

    • How to ACTUALLY get monetized. I’m walking you through the requirements that YouTube sets to actually get monetized – and being honest about what works and what doesn’t.
    • The keys to getting monetized QUICKER. So you know the stats you need to hit, but how do you hit them, and hit them quickly? I’m sharing my TOP 3 KEYS TO MONETIZATION that you can start using today.
    • A deep dive into my monetization STATS. Wanna know what the backend of being monetized on YouTube looks like? I’m showing you my analytics so you can do just that!
  • YouTube Analytics Shortcut


    Want a Shortcut to YouTube Analytics? Get this shortcut for $37!

    This training will walk you through an in-depth look at the 4 most important analytics to GROWTH and how you can use them to grow your channel SUPER FAST. I’m walking you through my analytics as an example!

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    Build An Evergreen Sales Machine Training


    Learn how to strategize and build an organic sales funnel that’s easy to set up and sends money to your bank account in this 2-hour, pre-recorded training!

    We Cover…

    • The Types of Sales Funnels
      • Not all sales funnels are built equally… and not all sales funnels are for all audiences! If you’re wondering which type of sales funnel will work for your specific business and ideal client, you’ll leave this workshop with alllllll the right sales funnel ideas at your disposal.
    • Organic “Funnel Feeders”
      • So you’ve got the funnel, but you have no idea how to actually drive traffic to it… and what’s the point of a sales funnel if I don’t have people showing up to buy it?! Have no fear, my organic “funnel feeders” are here! I’m breaking down exactly how to keep that funnel alive and kicking with new people buying every single day.
    • The Strategy to Making Moolah
      • So you’ve got your funnel idea, you’ve built it out, and you’re ready to feed the beast. But what’s the strategy to increase your bottom line with different types of sales funnels that keep on making that moolah? Let’s talk about it! I’m diving into the strategy behind using different types of sales funnels to keep on growing your income (and doing it PASSIVELY, folks)!

    Plus, get my Evergreen Sales Machine Workbook to accompany the training FOR FREE! This comprehensive workbook to help you learn, plan, and execute your first evergreen sales funnel. Includes: Sales page and email swipe copy, funnel samples with step-by-step how-tos, a tech guide, and so much more!

  • Master YouTube Thumbnails Workshop

    Did you know your thumbnail is quite possibly the MOST IMPORTANT part of your video’s success on YouTube?! Join me as I bring you a hands-on workshop to show you exactly what mistakes you’re making with your YouTube thumbnails, how to fix them, and what you need to do to create thumbnails that get your videos clicked on.
    That’s why I’m sharing my tried and true thumbnail secrets in my Master YouTube Thumbnails workshop!
    This is a pre-recorded workshop that you can watch at any time. You’ll have access forever.
    • Go over thumbnail best practices
    • Blow your mind with a tip about thumbnails that you’ve NEVER heard
    • Break down some good and bad thumbnails and show you how to make them better
    • Show you how to test thumbnails and know if they’re working or not
    • And more!
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    What’s Working on YouTube Town Hall Replay


    Learn the latest and greatest about what’s working on YouTube now and what to expect for the upcoming year to set your channel up for success.

    In this What’s Working on YouTube Town Hall, I’m talking about…

    • What’s Working on YouTube Now
    • What’s Different on YouTube now vs. 1 Year Ago
    • What You Can Expect on YouTube in 2023
    • Best Practices for YouTube Moving Forward

    Note: this is a REPLAY of a live Zoom call from November 2022