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  • Your First Digital Product


    So, you want to create a digital product that your audience will LOVE… and that will actually sell and make you some passive income? Your First Digital Product is THE toolkit for you to make creating a successful digital product easy peasy lemon squeezy. No matter what your business is or who your audience is, I PROMISE there’s a digital product that’s perfect for both.

    What’s Included…

    • Digital Product Idea List to show you all the different digital product options you can create
    • Pick Your Perfect Digital Product Guide so you can decide the best digital product for you
    • Digital Product Creation Guides to walk you step-by-step through creating Lightroom Presets, Canva Templates, and ClickUp Templates
    • Digital Product Pricing Guide plus tips on WHERE you should sell your digital product
    • Digital Product Template Pack to get you started right away, including a Digital Planner Template, Workbook Template, and Instruction Sheet Template
  • Sale! YouTube Starter Toolkit

    YouTube Starter Toolkit


    You’ve tried to get started on YouTube (or you’ve always wanted a YouTube channel), but you’re feeling stuck with…

    • Wasted time
    • Wasted money
    • TONS of frustration

    Get this toolkit full of everything you need to set up your YouTube channel for success from the get-go!

    What’s Inside:

    • A Comprehensive Guide to Starting from Scratch
    • Strategic Practices to Setup Your Channel the Right Way
    • A Tour of the YouTube Studio
    • How to Upload the Right Way
    • Checklists for everything from uploading to filming and everything in between!

    Don’t forget these awesome bonuses!

    1. Bonus Module: How to Pick Your Niche
    2. Bonus Training: Thumbnails 101 (THE most requested tutorial ever)
    3. Bonus Templates: Channel Art & Video Description Templates

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale!

    Crash Course Toolkit


    So, you wanna create your own course but…

    • You’re confused by the tech
    • You don’t know where to start
    • You don’t even know what you’d create a course about
    • You don’t have an audience

    Grab this Toolkit full of amazing resources to get you on the right path to course creation!

    What’s inside:

    • Course + Launch Planning templates in Google sheets, Trello, ClickUp
    • Course Ideation Map
    • Customer Journey Map
    • Sales page copy template
    • Course Pricing Guide
    • Value Stack Worksheet

    Plus, there are even bonuses!

    1. Training | How to reverse engineer your course to actually get it done
    2. Case Study | How I went from course launch FLOP to Course Launch Success with a tiny audience
    3. Training | How to sweeten the deal with bonuses to increase sales
    4. Tutorial | How to make your phone CHA-CHING everytime you make a sale! 🎉

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale!

    Passive Income Game Plan


    Passive Income Game Plan is your one-stop-shop to demystifying passive income and learning how to incorporate it into your business model nowwith or without a big audience.

    What’s Inside…

    • Video Lesson | What is passive income and how can you get started?
    • Affiliate Marketing Workbook
    • 50 Digital Product Ideas
    • How to Turn Your Service Into A Course!

    There’s even bonuses!

    • Audio Lesson | Lean How to Build Your Audience Easily
    • Digital Product Blueprint
    • Guide to Content Marketing

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Full-Time Creator Starter Pack


    As a YouTube lover, have you ever wished you could make a full-time income being a YouTuber and content creator?

    Plug-and-play your way to becoming a full-time creator on YouTube with the Full-Time Creator Starter Pack!

    What’s inside:

    • Content Planning Calendars and Boards
    • Setup for Success Training
    • Sponsor Email Pitch Template
    • YouTube Studio Tour
    • Course Pricing Guide
    • Value Stack Worksheet

    Plus, there are even bonuses!

    1. Training | Niche Down to Grow!
    2. Calculator | Keyword Calculator to figure out the right keywords for your channel size
    3. Template | Done-for-you Video Description template
    4. Training | Thumbnails 101 – the REAL secret to conversions

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale!

    Crash Course Toolkit + Tech Deck (Bundle)


    Want to grab Crash Course Toolkit AND the Course Tech Deck, this is the bundle for you!