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    A Course About ClickUp + Bonus Templates (Bundle)


    You’re ready to learn #allthethings about ClickUp but you also want FIFTEEN templates because who has time to setup everything yourself, right? With this bundle you’ll get A Course About Clickup where you can learn about ClickUp in an easy-to-consume format AND learn some advanced techniques when you’re ready, PLUS, fifteen bonus templates for business owners: you get an entire Team Communication Hub (includes multiple templates), ad management, course planning, social media management, marketing map, SOPs and more!

  • Course Creation and Launch ClickUp Template


    Wanna create a course but don’t really know where to start organizing and planning your content? My Course Creation ClickUp Template is THE place to make planing out your course easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  • Content Planning Hub ClickUp Template


    Content marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do for your online biz. But where do you plan out all of that great content you want to create before you lose the piece of paper you wrote your ideas on or note your processes for content? In this ClickUp template!

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    Edit with iMovie Mini-Course


    Don’t let a fear of editing hold you back from getting started on YouTube! This Mini-Course takes all the guesswork OUT of editing and details exactly how to use iMovie to edit your videos.

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    A Course About ClickUp


    If you’re ready to organize the ish outta your business (your content, your marketing, your team, you course development – whatever) this course will show you EXACTLY how to do it in ClickUp. ClickUp is MY FAVORITE project management tool but it can be a little bit hard to understand at first, so, in true Jessica fashion, I created an easy-to-follow course to help you learn ClickUp in NO TIME (and there’s even a bonus advanced module to take it up a step). Once you purchase, you can access it immediately so you can learn SUPER FAST.

    Be sure to check your email after purchase for your access to the course.

  • Social Media Management ClickUp Template


    Social media is a full-time job… literally. That’s why I created this ClickUp template to make social media management less stressful and more automated! Use this template to level-up your social media planning game.

  • Funnel Planning ClickUp Templates


    Sales funnels are one of my faaaavorite ways to make money and grow my email list. Take the unknown intimidation factor out of funnels with this ClickUp template designed to help you plan out your sales funnel!

  • Marketing Map ClickUp Template


    Wanna level up your marketing game but can’t figure out how to keep all your ideas and to-do’s straight? This ClickUp template was literally built for you! Get organized and get to marketing.

  • Podcast Process ClickUp Template


    Listen – I’ve had SOME kind of podcast every year since 2016. And along the way, I’ve learned a few things about how to better manage your podcast process. This ClickUp template is the reason I stay organized in recording my podcast, and I want to share it with you!

  • Launch Prep ClickUp Template


    Launches are a MAJOR deal and they take a ton of planning! Take the guesswork out of your first or fifth or tenth launch with this ClickUp template designed to make sure you keep your launch to-do’s under control!

  • SOP ClickUp Template


    Getting those standard operating procedures down can feel daunting… but this ClickUp template will make it easier! Use it to find the easiest way to store your SOPs in your Workspace.

  • Goal Setting with ClickUp


    Woah Nelly! Want To Learn How To Set Goals And TRACK Them In ClickUp With Another Fun Template And A Quick Training?!?

    Then you NEED to grab my Goal Setting with ClickUp training! 

    Inside you’ll find an in-depth 30-minute training to help you understand how to use the template and goal setting measures in ClickUp to track your goals in a fun, functional, and systematic way so you actually hit them!

  • Team Communication Hub ClickUp Template


    Looking for a ClickUp template to manage ALL the things for your team? My Team Communication Hub template was MADE for you! This folder-level template includes a Weekly Tasks list, email management, collaboration management, and customer service, as well as a team chat feature.

  • Ad Tracking ClickUp Template


    Ads can grow your biz big time – but if you aren’t keeping track of their analytics, you’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t. Use this ClickUp template to keep track of all those ad campaigns you have running!

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    YouTube Starter Toolkit + Edit with iMovie (Bundle)


    So you want to start and succeed at a YouTube channel… but you have no idea where to start, and editing feels like a MAJORLY scary part of that? I’ve got you covered! Grab my YouTube Starter Toolkit + Edit with iMovie bundle to learn how to setup your channel for success from the get go, and take the guesswork out of editing all at once.