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    Sales Page Copy Template


    Ready to rock your sales page? This sales page template will help you see exactly what order to write your copy, what to include in it, and how to add pizzazz to that sales page copy to convert to sales (’cause, isn’t that the point of a sales page anyway?!?). This copy method is the EXACT method I use to write all of my high-converting sales page copy – so, basically, I know it works!

    Delivered as a Google Doc, you’ll just make a copy and get started writing!

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    Passive Income Game Plan


    Passive Income Game Plan is your one-stop-shop to demystifying passive income and learning how to incorporate it into your business model nowwith or without a big audience.

    What’s Inside…

    • Video Lesson | What is passive income and how can you get started?
    • Affiliate Marketing Workbook
    • 50 Digital Product Ideas
    • How to Turn Your Service Into A Course!

    There’s even bonuses!

    • Audio Lesson | Lean How to Build Your Audience Easily
    • Digital Product Blueprint
    • Guide to Content Marketing

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • 12 Weeks to An Audience Who’s Begging for Your Offer


    Imma be 100% honest with you, you NEED an audience, even if it’s tiny, to sell an online course, but, don’t worry, I’ve got you! In this training, I’m going to walk you through how to create and cultivate an audience that’s begging for your offer in just 12 weeks. It’s a MUST if you’re creating a course and starting from zero. That’s why I’m sharing EVERYTHING you need to know to build your audience so that they’re ready and eager to buy what you launch when you launch it.

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    Affiliate Marketing Mastery


    Wanna make EXTRA money with no stress and basically no work?

    I’m gonna bet that’s a HELL YES, right?! Well, that’s why I created Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery is THE course for you if…

    • You’re currently creating (or want to start creating) any type of content on the Internet
    • You want to make money while you’re catching ZZZ
    • You have an existing business where you can incorporate affiliate links
    • You like things and like to tell your friends about them
    • People often ask you where you got something or how to do something
    Sound like you? Grab AMM today!

    What’s Included:

    Modules Covering…

    • Affiliate Marketing 101
    • The Most Important Part (AKA The Secret Sauce)
    • Choosing Who To Partner With
    • Promoting Your Affiliate Links
    • Putting It All Together

    Plus an affiliate relationship tracker document!

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • How to Incorporate Passive Income Into Your Existing Business Masterclass


    Yes, passive income CAN work for you, no matter what kind of business you have, what kind of product you sell, what kind of service you do, or what type of content you create.

    Get access to an in-depth masterclass that will teach you how to incorporate passive income INTO your existing business so you can stop leaving money on the table.

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    Build An Evergreen Sales Machine Training


    Learn how to strategize and build an organic sales funnel that’s easy to set up and sends money to your bank account in this 2-hour, pre-recorded training!

    We Cover…

    • The Types of Sales Funnels
      • Not all sales funnels are built equally… and not all sales funnels are for all audiences! If you’re wondering which type of sales funnel will work for your specific business and ideal client, you’ll leave this workshop with alllllll the right sales funnel ideas at your disposal.
    • Organic “Funnel Feeders”
      • So you’ve got the funnel, but you have no idea how to actually drive traffic to it… and what’s the point of a sales funnel if I don’t have people showing up to buy it?! Have no fear, my organic “funnel feeders” are here! I’m breaking down exactly how to keep that funnel alive and kicking with new people buying every single day.
    • The Strategy to Making Moolah
      • So you’ve got your funnel idea, you’ve built it out, and you’re ready to feed the beast. But what’s the strategy to increase your bottom line with different types of sales funnels that keep on making that moolah? Let’s talk about it! I’m diving into the strategy behind using different types of sales funnels to keep on growing your income (and doing it PASSIVELY, folks)!

    Plus, get my Evergreen Sales Machine Workbook to accompany the training FOR FREE! This comprehensive workbook to help you learn, plan, and execute your first evergreen sales funnel. Includes: Sales page and email swipe copy, funnel samples with step-by-step how-tos, a tech guide, and so much more!

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    Passive Income Game Plan + Incorporate Passive Income Into Your Existing Business Masterclass (BUNDLE)