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  • Your First Digital Product


    So, you want to create a digital product that your audience will LOVE… and that will actually sell and make you some passive income? Your First Digital Product is THE toolkit for you to make creating a successful digital product easy peasy lemon squeezy. No matter what your business is or who your audience is, I PROMISE there’s a digital product that’s perfect for both.

    What’s Included…

    • Digital Product Idea List to show you all the different digital product options you can create
    • Pick Your Perfect Digital Product Guide so you can decide the best digital product for you
    • Digital Product Creation Guides to walk you step-by-step through creating Lightroom Presets, Canva Templates, and ClickUp Templates
    • Digital Product Pricing Guide plus tips on WHERE you should sell your digital product
    • Digital Product Template Pack to get you started right away, including a Digital Planner Template, Workbook Template, and Instruction Sheet Template
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    Create a Digital Product that Makes $100/day on Autopilot


    Learn how to create a digital product that can make up to $100/day on autopilot so you can work less and live more while making money in the background.

    In this trainingI’m talking about…

    • What is a digital product
    • How to find the PERFECT digital product for you
    • How to set up a system where you make sales EVERY SINGLE DAY

    Note: this is a REPLAY of a live from June 2023

  • Marketing Your Digital Products Like a Boss Masterclass (ACTUALLY MAKE SALES)


    Let’s be real – if you don’t know how to sell your digital product to your audience, you won’t make sales. That’s why I created this Marketing Your Digital Products Like a Boss Masterclass, where I break down my tried-and-true marketing strategies to make sure your digital product makes sales from the get-go. Someone NEEDS what you’re creating, and this masterclass will teach you how to help them find it!

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    Digi Product School


    Have you ever dreamed of creating a digital product that would allow you to make money in your sleep and stop trading dollars for hours? But I get it, it can be overwhelming with all the options out there and how do you even sell them??

    I bundled up #allthethings you need to know to create, launch, and sell a digital product SUCCESSFULLY even if you’re starting from scratch.

    What’s Included:

    Modules on…

    • Identifying your who and what
    • Creating your digital product
    • Selling your digital product
    • & how to put it all together!

    And these amazing bonuses!

    • BONUS: Sales Funnel Training 
    • BONUS: Digital Product Store Training 
    • BONUS: Digital Planner Template 
    • BONUS: Digital Workbook Template
    • BONUS: Selling with Social Media

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  • Your First Digital Product + Marketing Your Digital Products Like a Boss Masterclass (BUNDLE)