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  • Sale! YouTube Starter Toolkit

    YouTube Starter Toolkit


    You’ve tried to get started on YouTube (or you’ve always wanted a YouTube channel), but you’re feeling stuck with…

    • Wasted time
    • Wasted money
    • TONS of frustration

    Get this toolkit full of everything you need to set up your YouTube channel for success from the get-go!

    What’s Inside:

    • A Comprehensive Guide to Starting from Scratch
    • Strategic Practices to Setup Your Channel the Right Way
    • A Tour of the YouTube Studio
    • How to Upload the Right Way
    • Checklists for everything from uploading to filming and everything in between!

    Don’t forget these awesome bonuses!

    1. Bonus Module: How to Pick Your Niche
    2. Bonus Training: Thumbnails 101 (THE most requested tutorial ever)
    3. Bonus Templates: Channel Art & Video Description Templates

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  • Sale!

    Crash Course Toolkit


    So, you wanna create your own course but…

    • You’re confused by the tech
    • You don’t know where to start
    • You don’t even know what you’d create a course about
    • You don’t have an audience

    Grab this Toolkit full of amazing resources to get you on the right path to course creation!

    What’s inside:

    • Course + Launch Planning templates in Google sheets, Trello, ClickUp
    • Course Ideation Map
    • Customer Journey Map
    • Sales page copy template
    • Course Pricing Guide
    • Value Stack Worksheet

    Plus, there are even bonuses!

    1. Training | How to reverse engineer your course to actually get it done
    2. Case Study | How I went from course launch FLOP to Course Launch Success with a tiny audience
    3. Training | How to sweeten the deal with bonuses to increase sales
    4. Tutorial | How to make your phone CHA-CHING everytime you make a sale! 🎉

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale! Edit with iMovie

    Edit with iMovie Mini-Course


    Don’t let a fear of editing hold you back from getting started on YouTube! This Mini-Course takes all the guesswork OUT of editing and details exactly how to use iMovie to edit your videos.

  • Sale!

    A Course About ClickUp


    If you’re ready to organize the ish outta your business (your content, your marketing, your team, you course development – whatever) this course will show you EXACTLY how to do it in ClickUp. ClickUp is MY FAVORITE project management tool but it can be a little bit hard to understand at first, so, in true Jessica fashion, I created an easy-to-follow course to help you learn ClickUp in NO TIME (and there’s even a bonus advanced module to take it up a step). Once you purchase, you can access it immediately so you can learn SUPER FAST.

    Be sure to check your email after purchase for your access to the course.

  • Sale!

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery


    Wanna make EXTRA money with no stress and basically no work?

    I’m gonna bet that’s a HELL YES, right?! Well, that’s why I created Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery is THE course for you if…

    • You’re currently creating (or want to start creating) any type of content on the Internet
    • You want to make money while you’re catching ZZZ
    • You have an existing business where you can incorporate affiliate links
    • You like things and like to tell your friends about them
    • People often ask you where you got something or how to do something
    Sound like you? Grab AMM today!

    What’s Included:

    Modules Covering…

    • Affiliate Marketing 101
    • The Most Important Part (AKA The Secret Sauce)
    • Choosing Who To Partner With
    • Promoting Your Affiliate Links
    • Putting It All Together

    Plus an affiliate relationship tracker document!

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale!

    Course Tech Deck


    So you wanna create a course but you don’t have ANY IDEA where to start with the tech?!? How in the world does it all work? What systems do you need? I’ve got your back! In this course tech deck, I’m teaching you everything you need to know to actually create that course from a tech perspective.

  • Sale! Coursecademy



    As a service-provider, coach, or small biz owner, have you ever wished you could make money in your sleep and stop trading dollars for hours You’ve probably seen businesses go from overworked and underpaid to massive launches with an online course and thought, “Man, I want to do that!”

    I bundled up #allthethings you need to know to create, launch, and sell a course SUCCESSFULLY even if you’re starting from scratch.

    What’s Included:

    Modules on…

    • The Basics
    • The Nitty Gritty
    • Audience-Building
    • Launching & Selling
    • Building It

    And these amazing bonuses!

    1. Launch Trainings | How to Successfully Launch with a Pop-Up Facebook Group
    2. Training | Self-Liquidating Offer Funnels, AKA How to Make Money While You Get Ready to Launch
    3. Launch Graphics Template Pack

    Need more info before you decide? View the FULL sales page here.

  • Sale!

    Digi Product School


    Have you ever dreamed of creating a digital product that would allow you to make money in your sleep and stop trading dollars for hours? But I get it, it can be overwhelming with all the options out there and how do you even sell them??

    I bundled up #allthethings you need to know to create, launch, and sell a digital product SUCCESSFULLY even if you’re starting from scratch.

    What’s Included:

    Modules on…

    • Identifying your who and what
    • Creating your digital product
    • Selling your digital product
    • & how to put it all together!

    And these amazing bonuses!

    • BONUS: Sales Funnel Training 
    • BONUS: Digital Product Store Training 
    • BONUS: Digital Planner Template 
    • BONUS: Digital Workbook Template
    • BONUS: Selling with Social Media

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