Planoly vs Later

If you’re using Instagram for your business, then you know the importance of being able to preview your feed and schedule out your content. I’m breaking down two of the top Instagram scheduling tools, Planoly vs Later, to see which is best for you!

Planoly vs Later | Instagram Scheduling Tools

Full disclosure: the Hey Jessica team uses Planoly to schedule our Instagram posts. I’m most familiar with both app’s Instagram posting capabilities, so that’s where this review will focus!


Planoly is an app and website that allows you to schedule content to Instagram and Pinterest.

Planoly vs Later

Later, on the other hand, allows you to schedule content to Instagram, Facebook TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also has an app and website.

Planoly vs Later

Both Planoly and Later allow you to schedule Instagram posts. However, those features are limited. In Planoly, you can only schedule single image posts to auto-post IF you have authenticated your business account via Facebook. In Later, you have to have a business Instagram account to auto-post. Otherwise, the schedule feature will send a push notification to your phone via the app that reminds you to post.

Stories are also not eligible for auto-posting. You can schedule a reminder to be sent to your phone just like a post.


Planoly integrates directly with Canva (which is one of the best features ever)! You can connect your Canva account and add graphics straight to Planoly that way.

Later integrates with Unsplash to bring you a collection of stock photos directly in their app that you can schedule too! So if you have a business account and like those aesthetic desk photos, it can be an easy one-step process.

Both apps let you upload straight from Google Drive and DropBox.

Feed Planning Tools

Planoly and Later both let you preview your feed visually during the scheduling process.

Planoly has the option to “add placeholders,” which I use all the time. You can pick a colored square and drag it around in your feed to help position your content before you have 3 images ready to upload.

Later and Planoly both offer the ability to see your scheduled content on a calendar view.


Both tools offer you the ability to see the analytics of your account and most recent posts on Instagram.

Later has more robust features in the analytics category, including being able to schedule your first comment.

Hashtag Management

Both Planoly and Later allow you to create unlimited hashtag banks! This can be really useful if you have multiple content pillars that you publish on Instagram for different audiences.


Planoly offers a free plan for one user, limited to 30 uploads per month. You can check out the rest of the pricing plan details below. One of my favorite Planoly pricing features is the ability to price out a custom plan that suits your needs.

Planoly vs Later

Later offers a free plan as well, and the pricing goes up from there. Their free plan allows only 10 uploads per month.

Planoly vs Later

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for an Instagram scheduling tool and are considering Planoly vs Later, the truth is that they are very similar in terms of features! The biggest differences are price and the interface. Both apps have free trials that will let you see which one feels better for you! 

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