Hello local friend!

Odds are you've found this page because you've sent me a message wanting to “get coffee and pick [my] brain”, and I actually do have a PICK MY BRAIN session just for this 🤯

See, because I teach marketing and business strategy for a living, I do charge for my advice or strategies and, as you can imagine, it's a bit more than a cup of coffee costs.

So, here's the dealio…

My normal 1-hour strategy sessions are $750/hour BUT since we probably know each other in real life and you likely want to rapid-fire questions my way, I want to offer you a discounted price for an hour session specifically designed to pick my brain.

These Pick My Brain session are $350/hour and can be done in person at your favorite coffee shop OR virtually over zoom.

So, if you're ready to hang out and pick my brain, click the button below to book your session!